Playa Tamarindo is the sparkling jewel in the crown of Costa Rica’s province of Guanacaste. Known as the Golden Coast, Tamarindo is celebrated for is wildlife conservation efforts and excellent surfing conditions. Located to the north of the Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, Tamarindo was once a quiet fishing village by the sea. Its face has changed considerably in the past fifteen years and has now blossomed into a bustling beach destination offering a variety of tours and activities suitable for a range of travel preferences.

Tamarindo has gradually evolved into the most cosmopolitan and vibrant Costa Rica beach vacation destination. A melting pot of local and international influences, Tamarindo combines surf, luxury villas and local community tradition, resulting in a truly unique Costa Rican town. Everything you need for a Costa Rican vacation of a lifetime can be found in Tamarindo and the surrounding beaches!

Playa Grande Costa Rica Waves on Shore
Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica Surf Trip

With the sun expected to shine almost every day of the year at Playa Tamarindo, it’s no wonder it’s famous for its incredible sunsets. Spectacular coastal views, superb surfing conditions and tropical landscapes just add to Tamarindo’s character. Forming part of the cape known as Cabo Velas, Tamarindo has an expansive white sand beach of three and a half kilometers lined by verdant flora, towering palm trees and sparkling blue waters with consistent breaks. Views to the north and the south of Playa Tamarindo in Guanacaste display a blend of arid landscape rich with jungle flora. Tamarindo and the surrounding beach destinations are home to an abundance of Costa Rica wildlife including howler monkeys, toucans, parakeets and giant iguanas.

Nearby beaches include Playa Grande to the north of Tamarindo Beach inside the same bay and divided by a natural salt water estuary. Playa Grande forms part of Costa Rica’s Las Baulas Marino National Park which is where the world’s largest colony of leatherback turtles comes to nest from October to March.

Playa Langosta is located to the south of Playa Tamarindo and is also a protected sea turtle nesting area forming part of Costa Rica’s national park system. The adjacent Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge, a beautiful mangrove estuary filled with exotic flora and fauna, is also great for bird watching in Costa Rica.

Playa Avellenas and Playa Negra, just outside of Playa Tamarindo, are popular surf spots with surf charters to Witches Rock and Ollies Point available; two of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica. Witches Rock (Roca Bruja) is located at Playa Naranjo and Ollie’s Point is accessible only by boat. Both Withes Rock and Ollie’s Point are celebrated for their world class surfing breaks that have been immortalized in popular surf culture not only in Costa Rica, but across the globe!

If you are not that keen on surfing or are simply looking for some time on land, this beautiful region of Costa Rica will not disappoint. Tamarindo beach offers a range of exciting adventure travel, eco tours and top class restaurants suitable family vacations in Costa Rica. Tamarindo offers a wide range of accommodations to suit everyone’s needs. From no frills surf camps to top-rated vacation rentals which have pride of place along the Pacific coastline, Tamarindo has something to offer everyone. If planning a group vacation, consider the variety of ocean view and beachfront vacation rentals available at Playa Tamarindo and the surrounding beaches of Playa Langosta, Playa Avellenas and Playa Grande. With some of the best luxury villas in the world and customizable concierge services offering an assortment of adventure travel and eco tours – Tamarindo is an excellent choice for large groups, destination weddings and family vacations in Costa Rica.

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