A Month for Artisanal Beer Festivals

A Month for Artisanal Beer Festivals

Do you love the bold flavors of a good ale and like trying new and different craft beers? You’re not alone! Costa Rica has embraced the nuances of artisanal beer making, churning out a surprising selection of highly palatable brews that are worthy of a second (or third) pint. This month, beer lovers across the country can sample their way through not one, but two awesome festivals which are featuring amazing ales, porters, stouts and much more.

Annual Artisanal Beer Festival at Avenida Escazu

The fifth annual Artisanal Beer Festival kicks off around 11:30 am on Saturday, March 12. This year’s extravaganza returns to Avenida Escazu, and promises to be the best year yet with more than 120 craft beers on offer. Be sure to visit favorite microbreweries Treintaycinco and Perro Vida for a palette-expanding assortment of red ales, IPAs and fruit-infused concoctions. Tickets are 20,000 colones at the door –roughly $37 – and get you unlimited 3-ounce tastings. The event also features gourmet eats from top restaurants, lectures on homebrew practices and the art of fermenting foods, and cool ambient music. Bring your friends and your thirst!

Artisan Beer Fesat heald in the month of March all arround Costa Rica
Beer tasting at the Artisan Beer Fest held in Costa Rica

Tamarindo Beerfest

Nothing beats a day of sun, surf, music and a pint or two of cold beer. On Saturday, March 26, the stars will align for the Tamarindo Beerfest held at Pangas Beach Club. Guests can savor more than 60 different styles of beer, some crafted by local microbreweries, while enjoying live music by Cocofunka, Ojo de Buey and The Movement in Codes. Tickets are affordably priced at just 7,500 colones ($14) and include a keepsake tasting glass. The party starts at 11am and will include rousing activities like Beer Pong, food competitions and an award for “the best beard on the beach.” Food trucks will be on hand, serving hungry patrons against the gorgeous backdrop of Costa Rica/Tamarindo Beach.

Where to find craft beers in Costa Rica

If your Costa Rica travel plans don’t mesh with these festivals, don’t despair. You can find craft beer from Treintaycinco and Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company in various restaurants, pubs and supermarkets throughout the Central Valley and popular tourist destinations. And a lot of places are starting to carry labels by the smaller microbreweries as well! If you’re in the San Jose area and craving a hoppy drink, swing by the Public House Irish Pub on Paseo Colon, which is also renowned for their signature cocktails. Other San Jose and Heredia hotspots that serve amazing microbrews include: Craic Irish Pub, Stiefel Pub, Wilk, Ravi Gastropub & Cafe and Barock Music Pub.