Costa Rica Things To Do and Activities

Costa Rica Things To Do and Activities

Arenal National Park

Costa Rica’s most visited and active volcano is also considered a national park.
One of the main things to do in the park are the hot springs.  The most beautiful, largest and well known hot springs is Tabacon, however there are several others in the area, with different entrance fees, that offer varying amenities and activities to choose from.  Tabacon Hot Springs is undoubtedly the most popular and most often visited, therefore it can be a bit touristy and crowded, but this excursion is still well worth the experience and it is truly relaxing and offers the most wonderful spa in the area.  Arenal Volcano, set amidst the rainforest is by far a definite “must see” if you are planning to travel to Costa Rica.

Among the things to do on your visit, is relax in the hot springs, take a night tour which is definitely an amazing experience, that only a nighttime view of an active volcano can offer.  There are plenty of activities to do in the area including canopy tours, river rafting and lots of hiking for the outdoors enthusiasts.

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park is always an amazing excursion for visitors to Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.  Located in Limon, this is an area where the road literally ends! The small town of Tortuguero is inaccessible by vehicle. The area is comprised of fully navigable lagoons and canals where tourists can see an abundance of wildlife native to this region.  For a breathtaking ecotourism adventure, explore the canals of Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park by boat, kayak or canoe.  For an exhilarating Costa Rica tour, witness the seasonal migration of Tortuguero’s celebrated nesting sea turtles.  Another favorite activity includes hiking the rainforest trails within the National Park that offer access to untouched Caribbean beaches of Limon, Costa Rica. For the travelling angler, schedule a fishing trip throughout the rural canals and lagoons of Tortuguero National Park.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Although it is the smallest park in Costa Rica it has got to be the most beautiful and one of the most popular tourist attractions, visited by thousands of tourists every year.  I think the reason for this is the abundance of wildlife, the unspoiled jungle experience and the completely pristine beaches that are found within the grounds of the national park.  The magnificent setting also offers a backdrop for beauty and adventure to all who come to Costa Rica, with the expectation of such an experience. Some of the things you can expect to find in this area are wonderful opportunities to see extensive marine wildlife, in the form of dolphins, whales, and many other sea creatures, by taking advantage of the many different sailing trips that are offered to tourists visiting the area.   There are also a large variety of snorkling and scuba diving tours offered to people who would enjoy them.

There are other activities like river rafting, horsebackriding, birdwatching, canopy tours, besides the guided tour through Manuel Antonio Park, which is so incredible it is usually enough.  The park is full of a variety of animals and wildlife, seldom seen anywhere else in the country.

Cocovado National Park

Last but not least, this National Park, located on the Pacific Coast is truly the most spectacular national park in Costa Rica.  The park boasts the most diverse and ecologically desirable presentation of wildlife that even the most passionate and committed wildlife observer would find satisfying.  This park offers some of the finest areas for camping and enjoying the outdoors in the country.  The parks most unique quality is that it is the gateway to Cano Island, where some of the greatest snorkling and scuba diving can be found.  The park also offers on of the most undiscovered beaches in Costa Rica.

So as not to be underrated by the other highlights of the country, Corcovado offers many of the same tourist amenities as the other national parks, like horsebackriding, deep sea fishing, canopy tours, ocean kayaking and much more.

Also, in the south coast of Costa Rica, you will find great SCUBA diving.  Costa Rica Diving – PADI SCUBA School, the Cano Divers SCUBA diving school in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, by Drake Bay, is just a few minutes from the beautiful dive spot of Cano Island – a protected marine sanctuary. Enjoy the best that the south coast has to offer.

San Jose

The city of San Jose, Costa Rica can be an amazing place to visit.  It offers a wide variety of interesting things to do and places to explore, while you are on a tour, or just enjoying your vacation in beautiful Costa Rica.  If you like walking around in a city, San Jose has some of the best weather imaginable for any outdoor activity.  It has a rich cultural heritage and amazing history that can be seen by visiting the abundance of museums, parks and architecturally interesting buildings, that are sure to please the most discerning visitors to this eclectic city.   A recent article in the Costa Rica Star stated that, “The market value of the global Internet sports wagering industry is estimated to be more than $41 billion dollars, and Costa Rica is a substantial player in this field.  Many bettors who place their wagers through Costa Rica firms do so from the United States, a country where sports gambling operations are tightly regulated and limited to certain jurisdictions such as Las Vegas. For this reason, sports betting companies in Costa Rica must observe certain levels of compliance. Pay-Per-Head (PPH) is a sports betting business model that takes advantage of Internet technology to provide bookmakers (bookies) with a solution that, unlike traditional online sportsbooks, provides various layers of compliance.

Simon Bolivar Zoo

There is a zoo in the downtown area of San Jose, that would surprise anyone.  It is a large selection of Costa Rican wildlife.  There are a variety of other animals from such far reaching locals as Asia and Africa.  Visiting the zoo is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, taking photos of the animals.  It should be of interest to young and old alike.


If you are a student of art and history you won’t find San Jose boring.
There are many art museums and historical places to visit.  The Pre-Colombian Gold Museum is certainly one of the most interesting and unusual displays of unique atifacts that you will find anywhere.  More than 2000 pieces of work are on display, all done in gold.  This museum is a once in a lifetime opportunity to educate yourself on a culture going back to ancient civilization.

The National Museum is another fantastic opportunity to see archeological examples while in San Jose.  There are rooms dedicated to Indian artifacts that display pottery, arrowheads and items integral to the lives of the early indian population.  There is also a colonial room with items dating back to the Spanish conquest.  In another area, contemprary art is showcased, by local Costa Rican artists.

Plaza de Cultura

If you are in San Jose and you feel like you do not want to miss doing a some shopping, by all means o to the Plaza de Cultura.  This is without a doubt the most popular shopping area in all of San Jose.  Here is where you will find those items that you want to buy to remind yourself of you trip to this unusual and unique country.  There are many street vendor, selling handcrafted good, some of which include great local examples of the cosa rican cuisine.  You can just walk around, people watching and have an enjoyable afternoon, listening to street musicians and enjoying the warmth of the climate and the local residents.

At the end of the day, you are sure to find a wonderful little restaurant to enjoy a leisurely meal and if you are in the mood, later in the evening there is no lack of places to find almost any form of entertainment.  All of this in one little city, San Jose Costa Rica

Costa Rica Medical and Dental Tourism Services

That’s right – Medical and Dental Vacations!  Are you surprised, but more and more travelers are finding out that they can obtain excellent and professional medical and dental treatment in Costa Rica or other Latin American countries for that matter.  So, combine your doctor and dental visits with an extended stay in Costa Rica.  Often, you can have an initial consultation and procedure performed, for instance having a dental bridge or crown, and then return days later to have it fitted.  In the meantime, you can enjoy our Costa Rican beaches or cooler mountain areas and national parks that are located there.  Villas Costa Rica offers nearby rentals in the San Jose area and Liberia, where you will find most modern dental and medical clinics and hospitals.  Plan a dental or medical vacation and save enough money to pay for your entire trip!  Below are some recommended sources.

Colina Dental Clinic  Colina Dental has been in business for over 29 years, serving the local and international community with the latest in technology and dental prosthesis advancements.

Dr. Flikier Dental Offices  Dr. Flikier specialized in dental crowns, implants, full mouth reconstruction and veneers, all done with precision for the most comfortable and long-lasting results for his dental patients.

Stem Cell Treatments  The Stem Cells Transplant Institute we believe every patient, not just the rich and famous, should be able to experience the powerful regenerative benefits of stem cell therapy.

Anti-Aging Clinic  At the Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic in Costa Rica we use the most advanced treatment options and cutting-edge science.  Our mission is to develop a customized health program that will enable you to achieve your peak physical and mental performance with bio-identical HGH, testosterone.

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