Tamarindo Wildlife Tours

Tamarindo Wildlife Tours

Costa Rica is known to have some of the most exotic wildlife in the world. Having one of the most visited national parks in its vicinity; Costa Rica is well connected in terms of wildlife. Tamarindo, a fishing village turned beach town has a rich and diverse wildlife population. Other than the ones that can be seen while horseback riding, Tamarindo is home to several national wildlife reserves. These reserves keep the wildlife safe from poaching. The reserves let the wildlife to live freely and to coexist with no human interference. The people who take care of these reserves are not allowed to interfere with the natural habitat of the animals.

One of the national parks that are found at Tamarindo is the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge. This particular national park got its refuge status from the fact that there was an important need for a turtle nesting site and protection for the wild animals. It also faced a dangerous threat because of the building of tourist houses. Hence, the government decided to name the area a refuge. The refuge is located in the coastal region of northern Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. It is about a half hour drive from the airport.

Tamarindo Wild Life tours in Guanacaste Costa Rica
Tamarindo Nation Refuge Wildlife Tours

In this refuge, there are three parks that collectively form this national park; Grande Beach, Ventana Beach and Langosta Beach. Grande Beach is mostly known as a turtle nesting point. Langosta Beach has an estuary called the Playa Langona, which is known for its beautiful sandy beaches.

The park is home to many species of the turtles including the Leatherback turtle, pacific green, Olive-Ridley and Hawksbill turtles. It is estimated that about 200 of these turtles lay eggs in one night. The leather black turtle, which is the mostoften viewed of all the turtles, is about 2 meters and has a weight of about 700kg. Some of the animals in the refuge include monkey, raccoons pelicans, and colorful birds. There are about fifty seven species found in the park.

People who are on the wildlife tours are expected to see all these animals. However, they will not be able to touch these animals, but are assured of their safety. In addition to the wildlife tours, there are horseback riding tours, which are combined to have a two in one special tour. The wildlife tour shows Costa Rica at its prime and also shows how Tamarindo has evolved as a tourist destination.

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