Tamarindo Horse Back Riding Tours

Tamarindo Horse Back Riding Tours

Horseback riding has for many years been considered a rich man’s sport. This is because of all the eloquence and all the royalty that envisions the whole sport. In Tamarindo, it has become loved by both the natives and tourists that come to visit the place. Like all of Costa Rica beach towns, it has rainforests and volcanoes that offer a wonderful opportunity for horseback riding.

Horseback riding enables you to have a magnificent experience as you interact with nature. This tour also offers a great chance to view diverse wildlife up-close and take photos in the exotic jungles of Costa Rica. A horseback tour is a great outdoor activity for people who love nature and do not mind a bit of wind in their hair.

Tamarindo horseback riding tour great activity while on Vacation
Horseback riding in Tamarindo Costa Rica

The horseback tours of Tamarindo include a guide who takes care of the horse and also guides the whole expedition. The tours guides guide the path taken by the people on the tour. They are qualified in taking care of the horses and have great knowledge of the rainforest and direction of the trails.

Before commencing the horseback tours, riders are given a briefing on safety of both the horse and rider. The tour usually accommodates about ten people, plus the guides. The animals are well taken care of as the Costa Rican people believe that animals are very important and should be respected. The guide also makes sure that the horses are well fed before the tour starts. Riders are advised to carry drinking water depending on the length of the ride. In addition, all the horses are gentle and well trained.

For beginners who have experienced a horse ride, they learn briefly how to take care of the horse and what to avoid. Although the tours are for the pleasure of the riders, the safety and treatment of the animals are also considered.

The tours usually cover the highland areas of Tamarindo and sometimes the beach. However, when horseback riding on the beach, more safety precautions are taken to ensure that the riders do not cause any disturbance to those enjoying themselves at the beach shores.

If you love nature and would like to experience it on a horseback riding tour, sign up and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Tamarindo horse back riding along the beach
Horse back riding through the hills of Tamarindo Costa Rica
Horse back riding Tamarindo beaches in Guanacaste