Tamarindo Town Facility Information

Tamarindo Town Facility Information

Costa Rica is a county in Central America. Over the years it has established itself as an important tourist destination. Known for its white sand beaches and blue ocean, Costa Rica is a beautiful place to visit. It is also known for the Central Pacific Conservation area. In addition to all this, Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful regions. The most famous region is Tamarindo, which originally was a humble fishing village in the past. However, over the years it has evolved into a beautiful resort full of tourists.

Tamarindo town facilities in Guanacaste Costa Rica
Town facilities located in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Tamarindo has become a very well developed tourist attraction town with plenty of accommodations. The beach at Tamarindo is large enough to accommodate a large capacity of people who would like to tour the area and engage in various recreational activities. The main attraction in Tamarindo is the peace and quiet of the region. Some of the recreational activities are swimming, surfing, wind surfing, horseback riding, snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, boogie boarding and scuba diving. Since Tamarindo was once a fishing village, there have been some recordcatches of tuna and sailfish.

However, since the evolution of Tamarindo into a beach town, it has evolved greatly. The beach runs alongside the beach town.The town has clothes stores, supermarkets, spas, ATM machines and various hotels and holiday houses. Most of the hotels are located along the main road and also on the beaches to cater to the tourists coming into the region. For the tourist who would like to try different cuisines there are always restaurants that serve different types of food. They offer cuisine, with the most popular one being the native Costa Rican dishes. The restaurants are also known to serve dishes like Chinese, Argentinean and Italian. This is aimed at improving the stay of people from different walks of life that visit the coastal town.

The beach town is also known for its artisans who sell their crafts at the beach. The beach town is also famous for having a tattoo parlor that is fully licensed for anyone who would like to have a momento of time spent in Tamarindo. Another advantage of visiting Tamarindo is the fact that there is a refreshment stand at basically every point of the entire town. The beauty of all this is that all these facilities are connected by a subway that runs through most of the beachtown.

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