Tamarindo Scuba Diving Tour

Tamarindo Scuba Diving Tour

Scuba diving is among the most exciting Costa Rica activities you will get to enjoy in Tamarindo. The region is blessed with a number of features that have conveniently made it possible for visitors to do their diving, as well as enjoy the amazing attractions that the region has to offer. Visibility and the current conditions of the region often tend to change with time. The currents are often not present, but whenever they are present, they are usually not very strong. This makes it possible for divers to drift with the currents, with the boats strategically positioned to pick them up at the end of their dives. The visibility of the region often varies depending on the time of the day and the season. It varies from between 30 -70 feet.

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Most people who have had the opportunity to enjoy diving in Tamarindo can simply describe the experience as amazing. A wide variety of marine life is available at the bottom of the ocean. The most fascinating features are the pelagic that inhabit the waters in the region. Most divers have the chance to see large schools of mobula rays, white tip reef sharks, and turtles. The schools of fish that swim overhead as you take your dive is among the most breathtaking experiences that you would live to remember Tamarindo for.

During certain seasons of the year the number of fish in the waters is normally so high that they block the sunlight from above as you dive below the water. This tends to create a kind of underwater eclipse. This is a sure site you would love to experience.You may also be lucky to spot the rare whale shark as well as the giant bull shark. The temperatures are also conducive and this provides an exquisite diving experience for visitors throughout the year.

Night dives are often available during some periods of the year. For those who would like to learn the art of diving there are full time instructors with the necessary skills and experience to equip you with the skills you need to enjoy a good and safe dive. You can also choose to take a resort course, which is for discovering the sport of scuba diving. This is normally best suited for those who do not have any experience in the sport, but would like to try out the scuba diving experience. Take a tour today and you will not regret it.

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