Playa Samara Surfing Costa Rica

Playa Samara Surfing Costa Rica

With a palm lined beach as your back drop, Samara provides just the right surfing conditions for both beginner and intermediate surfers. If you’ve never been surfing before and always wanted to try, then this is a perfect location for what will be the first of many Costa Rica surf adventures.

Surfing Playa Samara prestine beaches
Plenty of places for renting surf boards in Playa Samara Costa Rica
  • Consistent right and left breaks and large swells allow you catch your first wave or develop your surfing techniques
  • Samara surfing conditions are determined by reef breaks and a south facing cove
  • Samara beach presents the perfect conditions for long boarders and body boarders
  • Surf board and boogie boards are available for rent per hour, day or week at Samara beach.
  • Be aware that even though Playa Samara is considered to be one of Costa Rica’s safest beaches, you still need to know about riptides.
  • Learn more about rip tide safety awareness, essential for your Costa Rica beach vacation.
  • One to one Surfing lessons and group sessions are available for beginners to advanced wave riders on Samara beach.
  • Safe and fun surfing lessons are available for children aged five and upwards.
  • Beginner lessons include a beach induction prior to entering the water with an experienced surf coach who’ll help you to stand up on your board and ride your first wave.
  • For intermediate to advanced surfers, there are several half day Costa Rica surf trips available to nearby beaches offering more challenging conditions.
  • Samara surfing boat tours will take you out to catch reef and river mouth waves.
  • Yoga classes are an optional addition to the surf lessons on Samara beach. They are considered to be an important part of any experienced surfers fitness regime. Yoga strengthens the body and improves your coordination on your surf board.
  • If you want to capture that all-important moment when you ride your first wave, professional surf photography is also available at Samara beach.
Light sand beaches in Playa Samara Costa Rica
Amazing surf in Playa Samara Guanacaste area