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How Many Bedrooms Do I Need For My Vacation Rental?

When you are thinking about booking a vacation rental, it’s best to be smart about it. For example, choosing the size of the vacation rental is important. No doubt you are asking yourself several questions. How many people am I traveling with? How many bedrooms do I need for my vacation rental? What about the number of bathrooms? You want to be comfortable in your vacation rental, so having enough space is key.

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how many bedrooms do I need for my vacation rental
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The common spaces in your vacation rental, such as the living room and kitchen, are important. But what is of utmost importance is where you will lay your head at night. The bedroom is meant to be a peaceful refuge from all the day’s busy events; the socializing, the cooking and the sightseeing. A good night’s sleep and a nice place to bathe and shower are great restoratives for recharging and preparing for the next day of activities. Also, having the right number of bathrooms is important.

How many bedrooms do I need for my vacation rental?

Above all, you want comfort in the space you choose to lie your head at night. This may be an easy question for some. Such as, you are just traveling with your immediate family? Then chances are you will need the same number of bedrooms as you enjoy at home. But if you are traveling with a larger group, things may be a bit more complicated! Here is where communication is key.

Ask your travel companions how many bedrooms and bathrooms they will need. Take into consideration logistics and the practicality of the number of bedrooms as it relates to your budget and the vacation rentals available to you.

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The Location of the Bedrooms is Just as Important as the Number

Consider the location of the bedrooms in relation to the rest of the house. Does it make sense for you and your group? If the house is in a busy area, are the bedrooms far enough away from traffic so that you will get a good night’s sleep? If anyone in your party needs that extra privacy, away from common areas, is there a bedroom that will fit their needs?

how many bedrooms do I need?
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What about the size of the beds? You don’t want to arrive in your vacation rental expecting a king bed only to be greeted with a standard full-size bed. Read the description and reviews of the property that past guests have posted. Are the beds comfortable? What was their overall experience?

In addition, children are a big consideration. Do they want to all sleep in the same room? Here is where a room with bunk beds are ideal. Or if separate rooms are in order, a vacation rental with twin beds will fit the bill. Lastly, you want them to sleep in a space either closer to you (or further away) from your bedroom as you require.

You want your perfect vacation so find the perfect vacation rental. By asking yourself “how many bedrooms do I need for my vacation rental” along with the other questions, you will find the perfect one!