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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals, What you need to know

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals, What you need to knowMA-09 The canoe suspended from the ceiling

Sorting through the endless sites on Costa Rica Vacation Rentals can be a daunting task. Finding the right one for you and your family is even harder. Everything from how big of a rental do we need?  Is it suitable for children or our seniors? Is it well maintained? Also, how early should we start planning our vacation? So here is our guide on what to look for in a vacation rental.

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Plan Early

Since it can be extremely stressful to plan a vacation it is best to start early. If you are going to be staying in peak season start your planning during the offseason. For Costa Rica, the peak travel season is between December through April. If you do not have an idea of what home you want to stay at, it is best to nail down a least the location. For Costa Rica one of the best locations is Manuel Antonio there is a wide selection of Costa Rica Vacation Rentals here.

How big of a vacation rental do I need?

Next you will have to choose the size of your vacation home. Firstly, how many people will you be traveling with? A multi-bedroom house will be great for groups that have 6 or more people maybe even a private pool, game room, and theater to keep everyone preoccupied. A larger group can save money by choosing a vacation home. If you split the cost between several of your friends and family you will find that the end cost will be the same as a hotel or even cheaper.

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Location, Location

It truly is all about location when you are picking a home to rent. Be careful about deceptive listings that say it is really close to the beach when it is really a 30 min drive away. Key details to look out for are if it is waterfront or beachfront? does it have a view? and how close is it to amenities? Having a home that is close by to a small town or city can make the world of difference. You will be closer to tours, restaurants, and small shopping areas. Make sure you take into account if will need a rental car or not. Some of the homes seem to be in the middle of nowhere and having a rental car will allow you to explore the region a little closer than if you just rely on public or private transportation.

Are Costa Rica Vacation Rentals child and senior-friendly?

Lastly to take into consideration is if the home is child or senior-friendly? The last thing you want to do is find out your parents or grandparents are not able to come because the home is four stories high and made entirely of stairs. A lot of homes are ground level and some even have elevators. This can be convenient for you, as you may not want to carry all of your luggage to the top floor. As for children, it is hard to find a home that does not accept them. Although it is good to be wary as many of the homes do have pools, so practicing pool safety with your children is something to keep on mind.

In the end, you will find that choosing a vacation home can actually be way more fun than just staying in a hotel. You receive amazing service, all-inclusive type amenities, and you certainly can not beat the privacy that Costa Rica vacation rentals offer. So why not let the team at Escape Villas cater to your next trip to Costa Rica!