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Do You Know the Way to San Jose? The Drive to Increase Travel and Tourism in Costa Rica’s Capital City

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San Jose, Costa Rica is launching an online campaign to increase travel and tourism to the area. The country’s vibrant capital wants tourists to spend more time learning about and enjoying the exciting attractions in the capital city of Costa Rica.

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Information released by the Municipality of San Jose indicates that the city receives approximately 368,000 tourists a year. But with so much to see and do, it’s interesting to note that each tourist only stays an average of 2.5 days.


Tourists should get to know San Jose

“We have been trying to increase the number of tourists that stay In San Jose and also the number of nights,” confirmed Johnny Araya, Mayor of San Jose, during the presentation of their online campaign.

The newly launched website, which will be managed by the San Jose municipality, will be the main tool used to promote the main attractions of the capital. The website will include interesting historical facts and photos, as well as information about things to do in San Jose.

“It will have all the information about the city. Theatres, museums, hospitals, bus stops, restaurants and art galleries,” outlined Araya.


San Jose, Costa Rica goes back to its historical roots

Araya has spearheaded a campaign to revitalize downtown San Jose, Costa Rica, not only by improving security and infrastructure. Extensive works are underway to renovate many colonial buildings, recognizing their importance as symbols of the Costa Rican culture and heritage.


Things to do in San Jose, Costa Rica



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The Municipality of San Jose has also supported initiatives that encourage both tourists and residents to reclaim San Jose. The free urban night tour Nocturbano is perhaps one of the most notable efforts of late.  Participants can expect to visit illuminated parks, monuments and historic buildings, including the Atlantic train station.
The renovated San Jose, Costa Rica National Museum with its new butterfly garden is also well worth a visit.  The garden is home to 25 butterfly species native to the Central Valley, including the well known Morphos, the vibrant blue butterfly of Costa Rica, Monarchs, Buhos and Espejitos.
The garden is part of a $1 million renovation project that has revamped the capital’s National Museum, re-opening areas of the old Cuartel Bellavista dating back to the 19th century that had previously been closed to the public for decades. The museum is also home to a collection of the mysterious Diquis Stone Spheres.

Other attractions in San Jose, Costa Rica


The beautiful National Theatre also offers a healthy list of events including musical, dance and theatrical performances. Modeled after the famous Opera in Paris, the San Jose National Theatre is an architectural gem that was officially inaugurated in 1897.

And of course there are many fantastic restaurants in San Jose, Costa Rica. Expect to find tasty Italian delights, fresh sushi eateries, traditional Costa Rican hideaways servicing gallo pinto, as well as the more exotic and spicy Indian and Thai-style cuisine.

Mauricio Cespedes, executive director of the Costa Rican Chamber of Tourism (Camara Nacional de Turismo, CANATUR) said, “San Jose is converting into a place to stay and not just a throughway.”

San Jose, Costa Rica car rental companies are also working in collaboration with the Municipality to encourage longer stays in the capital. Costa Rica is cheaper than ever, and with a flight to the San Jose Airport in Alajuela, it makes sense that you take some time out to immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture and history while you visit the country’s capital.


Accommodation in San Jose

Accommodation in San Jose, Costa Rica doesn’t have to be right in the capital. At only a short distance away, both Santa Ana and Escazu are well known for offering excellent vacation rentals away from the downtown hustle and bustle.

The municipality affirms that Costa Rican tourism represents a direct annual income to the San Jose economy of almost $100,000 a year, corresponding to tourism spending.

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