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Things To Do in San Jose Costa Rica: Urban Night Tour

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Looking for fun things to do in San Jose, Costa Rica? Looking for a cheap and exciting evening out? Then how about signing up for the $4 San Jose urban night tour! Known as the “Nocturbano,” this exciting and interesting tour invites travelers to learn more about the history of San Jose at night.

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The innovative Nocturbano tour of San Jose Costa Rica is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages and nationalities, with group sizes reaching up to 65 guests!

This tour of the city has been created to help encourage tourists and nationals to visit the bustling metropolitan center of San Jose. Participants can expect to visit illuminated parks, monuments and historic buildings, including the Atlantic train station.

The urban night tour begins at the Monumento Nacional, located in the Parque Nacional, and then goes by the old Atlantic train station,

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the old national alcohol factory, and several other Victorian-styled buildings that are famous for their legends. As the tour continues, participants visit the Parque Espana, Parque Morazan, the Plaza de la Cultura, the Casa Amarilla, the Edificio Metalico, and are told  the legend of the Casa Knorr.

The Municipality of San Jose Costa Rica has begun a large scale project in the capital city to begin recovering and restoring buildings of national heritage, and this tour incorporates many of the  buildings that have been brought back to life.

This tour is organized by a volunteer group known as Chepecletas and all they request is a $4 donation for your attendance. The tours objective is to help recover urban areas that people

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have stopped visiting in the country’s capital. This initiative has won worldwide recognition; Nocturbano was recently featured on a CNN special about the most exciting tours in Latin America.


Tours are available in English or Spanish for more information, contact Escape Villas at 1-888-771-2976 or