Tamarindo Waterfall And Cave Tours

Tamarindo Waterfall And Cave Tours

Tamarindo is a vibrant town filled with thrilling fun tours that will fill your experience in Costa Rica to its fullest. The town is well known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and its numerous activities. These activities take place day and night and they vary from calm and exotic to thrilling and adrenalin intensive.

One of Tamarindo’s famous activities is the water fall and cave tours. This tour enables you to have a hands-on, close and personal excursion. Tamariando waterfalls and cave tours range from simple hikes to intense waterfall rappelling activities. Tamarindo waterfall and cave tour is the perfect tour for those who love adventure and hands-on sporting activities.

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Experience a fun filled, wet, and wild adventure. Venture into the core of the jungle and experience an exotic bond with nature as you repel down a 130 foot waterfall. Experience sport adventures as you go down several majestic waterfalls as the water runs down your face. Enjoy divine interaction with nature and feel connected to the beauty of flora and fauna.

The tour also includes a hike in the Barra Honda caves. The Barra Honda caves are as a result of the rain filtering through limestone, thus forming the cave over 70 million years ago. The cave systems are popular for their magnificent mysterious look. To date, there are over 42 discovered chambers in the Barra Honda caves.

The cave is famous for its limestone carvings because of its calcareous formations. The Barra Honda caves are estimated to be 50% explored to date. This tour gives you an opportunity to explore and discover new caves. This tour is recommended for people in perfect health condition because of the highly hands-on nature of the exploration.

The waterfall and cave tour usually take place during the day. The people engaging in the tour are accompanied by well trained tour guides. The equipment used in the waterfall repelling and cave explorations is of high quality and safety is foremost. The Tamarindo waterfall and cave tour is a good way to interact with nature and experience the beauty of the rainforest. The tour takes you through hidden jungle trails as you explore flora and fauna.

See the enchanting rain forest and discover why most people fall in love with Costa Rica. Explore the never ending mysteries of the jungle as you view the diverse wildlife in the heart of the jungle.

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