Tamarindo Surfing Tours

Tamarindo Surfing Tours

Located in the big attraction center between the all-famous reefs of Playa Negara and Witches Rock, Tamarindo is the next big thing for worldwide surfers who go out looking for a safe haven with good surfing. There is ample accommodation; from beach hotels, which provide private rooms, and hotels that 
spice up the evening with nightlife entertainment. Tamarindo is a natural paradise with beautiful beaches 
that are loved by scuba divers, beach combers, nature therapists, fishermen, night life partiers, and 

All the wonders that a tourist on the go would love to experience are found in this wonderful gem of the 
Costa Rican coast. The beach lies between two wonderful wildlife parks, and is the site for hotels, 
restaurants, rental homes, and cabanas, due to its attraction for nature lovers. Though the park is a big 
draw by itself, it is worth noting that the park has had a big role to play in promoting surfing in Tamarindo

Tamarindo surf tours in Guanacaste area
Tamarindo Surf camps for all ages and levels

Some of the best places that provide excellent surfing in Tamarindo include:

  • Playa Grande: is probably the most consistent of all Tamarindo’s spots. It’s a 20-minute drive or 30-minute hike north of town
  • El Estero: Not a classic river mouth setup, but has good waves when the sand settles
  • Pico Pequeno: where the locals are when the wave is on

With surfing tournaments being held all year long, one cannot miss the waves that frequently sweep to the beach during the day. The relaxation and rejuvenation provided by the crystal clear beaches, cool breeze and warm summer sun in the tropics are not to be missed. Whether spending time with your family or on vacation, Tamarindo is the all-gems distrito where you will find various travel attractions that will 
surely give you and your loved ones a fantastic and memorable time. If you are looking for the perfect 
getaway from all the city hustles, then Tamarindo is one sure place that will give you the relaxation and 
surfing you hunger for.

Surf shops take the big share of the stores here, and if you are wondering where to find surfboards and 
wet suits, then you do not have to worry. Tamarindo also offers services like surfboard renting, surfing 
schools if you are a beginner, surfing trips if you are anxious and want a try-it-out camp, and repairs.

All year long, diverse sites offer surfing opportunities for all schedules and are distributed for visitors who come any time. Try Tamarindo surfing and you will surely have a story to tell.

Surfing for all ages in Tamarindo Guanacaste great adventure activity for family vacations
Expert and beginner level surfing camps in Tamarindo and Playa Grande
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