Tamarindo Snorkeling Tours

Tamarindo Snorkeling Tours

For snorkelers, a safe place to dive and have fun is of importance, and is the first consideration an experienced snorkeler considers when deciding where to visit. Snorkeling is similar to scuba diving but is 
preferred due to its ease and relatively low price compared to skills and equipment needed in Scuba 

The town of Tamarindo is rated one of the world’s top-notch snorkeling sites, where visitors are received 
all year long. Located on the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste, the 
greater Tamarindo area has a population of 3,525, although the town itself has about 500 people. 
Tourists inflate the number to 5,000 or more during the high seasons. This is a big boost for the economy 
of the region because the inhabitants get to benefit from the income generated by the tourists who visit.

Great Tamarindo snorkeling tour for whole family during their Costa Rica vacation
Tamarindo snorkeling adventure tour in Guanacaste Costa Rica

This wonderful town has a wide range of eco-tourism and surfing opportunities living up its name the “surfing Mecca.” Snorkeling is a one of the wonderful activities that can be enjoyed by almost anyone who 
comes to Tamarindo. The activity of snorkeling is frequently overshadowed by scuba diving. Scuba diving 
is an excellent pastime, but one that requires significantly more training, equipment, and time. Most 
people who snorkel have done it in favor of the large number of snorkeling sites, either in groups or as an 
individual, but all are satisfied with Tamarindo. Group snorkeling is considered by many to be more 
enjoyable because it gives the safety of numbers, and therefore puts people relatively at ease with regard 
to their safety but also provides the space to have fun and explore the world under the water.

The town shops and stores provide equipment services for this intriguing activity. Most of the shops 
around are well equipped with a wide range of important underwater equipment such as the rental of 
masks, fins, snorkels, and diving suits, or for sale at low prices. This makes it easy for the tourist in the 
region to enjoy snorkeling without necessarily having to bring the equipment from afar. This has been a 
big boost for the economy of the region. Tamarindo also offers accommodations ranging from beach 
hotels to private home rentals. People can therefore feel at home after every snorkeling experience. 
Friendly and well-trained guides are also on hand whenever need arises for first time learners. For those who want to explore the underwater wild, paying a visit to Tamarindo will definitely result in a repeat visit to this water wonderland.

Exotic fish during Tamarindo snorkeling tour
Plenty of wildlife fish to see in Tamarindo snorkeling tours
Tamarindo snorkeling for whole family while on Costa Rica vacation