Tamarindo Kayak Tours

Tamarindo Kayak Tours

Enjoy a breath taking kayak tour in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. If you love nature, the best way to interact with nature to the fullest is by engaging in the kayak tours available. The kayak tours offered in Tamarindo offers you the chance to take amazing video and photos. Experience the amazingly peaceful jungle and the magnificent mangroves. Experience nature at its finest as you make your way around protected mangrove forest. Have magnificent views of the rare monkeys as they swing from one tree to the other in the jungle.

Tamarindo is a small town in the north pacific coast of Costa Rica. The town is located in Guanacaste province. The little town is a large tourist attraction because of its clear water beaches and beautiful jungles.

Kayaking in Tamarindo great family activity while on Vacation
Tamarindo kayaking along the beach while on vacation with family

The kayak tours take you through thick mangrove as you slowly move through the waters. On the tour, you can spot birds and iguanas and crocodiles as they bask in the sun. Site seeing is just a tip of the iceberg. The tours enable people to interact with nature as your body, the equipment, and the water blend to make your Tamarindo experience unforgettable.

The kayak tours mainly take about five hours. The tours commence early in the morning and at midday. The time taken during the tour highly depends on you and your interest. You can stop at different spots to take photos or enjoy the serene environment. If the mangrove tour is not what you fancy, there are several other activities that kayak tours offer. You can snorkel at several spots with the guide of your tour and enjoy the activity with your friends and family.

There are different types of tours offered in Tamarindo. You can choose to kayak in the serene, peaceful waters through the mangrove as you view the magnificent preservation of nature. You could also choose to kayak in sea waters moving from one island to the next as you experience the sea water and view both wildlife and sea creatures.

Choose to experience this wonderful tour in a single or double kayak. With the help of an experienced tour guide you are sure to experience an exotic time as you explore volcanic rocks and secret islands filled with shells.

The kayaking tours are offered to both families and groups that wish to experience the serene beauty of the area at affordable rates. Interact with nature and fall in love with Tamarindo through our kayaking tours.

Tamarindo kayaking tours in Guanacaste Costa Rica
Kayaking through Tamarindo Mangrove
Tamarindo kayaking in mangroves great family activity