Tamarindo Canopy Zip Line Tours

Tamarindo Canopy Zip Line Tours

Tamarindo canopy tour is the best way to experience the beauty of Costa Rica in a unique way. Experience the adventure of a lifetime as you slide from a string swinging from tree to tree. Get a distinctive perspective of the jungle as you swing using pulleys on traverse cables over the beautiful tropical forest in Tamarindo, Guanacaste.

The canopy tour over the platforms is located about 20 minutes away from Tamarindo golf resort and Diria beach. The tours take place daily and you can choose the best time to have your adventure. Most canopy tours happen about three times a day. The first tour takes place in the morning, the next tours that take place around midday and the last canopy tour takes place in the afternoon.

Tamarindo Zip Line Canopy Tours for the whole family
Tamarindo Zip Line Canopy fun for kids and family activity

Experience intense emotions as you slide on the horizontal traverse cables above the tree tops and view nature from a different angle. Have an incredible adventure as you view nature’s beauty and heavens from your pulley. You also have the opportunity to view different types of birds in their habitantas they fly in the air. Unearth the mysteries of flora and fauna as you experience canopy tours with the aid of an experienced guide.

Experience an adrenalin rush as you hang 30-40 meters in the air on platforms hanging from bridges. Slide freely over tree tops and experience the intense feeling of the canopy tours. The canopy tour is a perfect way to experience an adventure of a lifetime as a family or with a group of friends. Have crazy fun sliding over the dry forest and viewing the diverse wildlife in the jungle.

The canopy tour is one of the major tours in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It is easy to know why the tour is so famous with just one glance. Most people who experience the amazing Tamarindo canopy tour always want to experience it over and over again. View the waterfalls as you slide freely in the air. Interact with nature in a distinctive way and feel connected to it as you slide over the tree tops.

The tour basically starts with a short hike that is sure to energize your muscles for the real adventure. There is 840 meters of cable that enables you to fly like a monkey from tree to tree. Have a Tarzan experience with our canopy tour.

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Canopy Zip Line in Tamarindo
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