San Jose Driving Directions

San Jose Driving Directions

Down town San Jose is located just 30 minutes from the Juan Santamaria International Airport. The drive is on a major road that is well marked. Upon leaving the San Jose Airport (SJO) you will continue driving east on Route 1. This is to the right upon leaving the airport. Ask the rental car agency to point you in the right direction if unsure.

This main highway leads you directly to San Jose. Continue straight for about 25 minutes or so and you will begin to hit traffic lights. The Crowne Plaza Hotel will be on your right and a Mas X Menos will be on your left. This area is La Sabana. Continue driving straight and there will be a big park to the right. You will reach a gas station on the left and also a restaurant called Soda Tapia on your left as well. Make a left at the traffic light and that is 2nd Ave. Welcome to San Jose the capital of Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

Map of San Jose

San Jose Map