Surf Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Surf Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

While Playa Manuel Antonio may not spring to mind as a prime Costa Rica surf destination, there are still a few beaches in the immediate area that offer some sweet breaks. Playa Manuel Antonio is the perfect beach for beginner and intermediate surf lessons in Costa Rica. The large majority of beaches in this area are secluded and unpopulated, so have your surf instructor show you the way and make each one your own personal surfing paradise!

There are plenty of Costa Rica surf tours available in the Manuel Antonio area that offer good surfing conditions:

  • Playa El Ray: Belonging to Manuel Antonio National Park, Playa el Rey is an untouched beach break with lefts and rights without large swells making it an excellent location for more advanced surfers. Make sure to look out for the rocks located near the coastline. It is advised that you visit this beach with a group of fellow surfers. Playa El Rey is only accessible via a palm plantation 15 minutes to the south of Quepos.
  • Damas Rivermouth: Boca Damas: There are some very strong and hollow rights at Damas river mouth. An exposed sandbar break produces consistent left and rights. Best swells from the south. Look out for the crocodiles that come out of this river mouth as well as riptides.
  • Playitas: Playitas is a short beach break located at the northern most end of the beach in Manuel Antonio. Offering a medium to large swell from the south/southwest at mid to high tide. With a big swell, you can also surf the outer reef with offers long, open rights, ideal for longboarding by paddling across the river; look out for rocks along the coastline. Try not get distracted by the nude bathers and keep an eye open for crocodiles while surfing.

Manuel Antonio Surfing Suitable For Beginner & Intermediate Surfers

If you are a beginner to intermediate surfer then Playa Manuel Antonio is the place for you! However, advanced surfers can still enjoy the ride on some great breaks at some of the Costa Rican beaches noted above. Even though the Manuel Antonio coast line may not throw out the biggest waves in Costa Rica, you must be a competent swimmer. Specialized surf lessons are available for all ages, so if you have always wanted to learn how to surf, what better place to do it than while on vacation in Costa Rica? Surf boards can be rentals available for surfers that already have a good command of the waves.

Costa Rica Surf Packages At Playa Manuel Antonio

All Costa Rica surf packages and lessons in and around the Playa Manuel Antonio area include professional instructors, surfboards and rash guards. Wetsuits are provided but make sure you bring your sun block to guard from the hot Costa Rica sun! Some Costa Rica surf packages include amenities such as refreshments and transportation. For additional information on Costa Rica surf packages, contact Escape Villas at 1-800-340-2407 or

  • Surf lessons available for children and adults of all ages in and around Playa Manuel Antonio

  • Beginner surf lessons in Costa Rica include safety information and ocean awareness, surfing etiquette, how to paddle out to sea, stand up correctly and ride a wave. Beginner lessons usually offered with long boards which offer maximum stability.

  • Intermediate surf lessons in Costa Rica: Get serious and learn how to ride the real waves! Learn basic maneuvers with your surfboard, improve balance and further develop your paddling skills. Intermediate surf lessons in Manuel Antonio are usually offered with short boards for improved maneuverability and speed.

  • Costa Rica surf tours available to take you to all the best surfing beaches in the Manuel Antonio area. Surf instructors will also point out Costa Rican wildlife along the way!

  • Private Costa Rica surf packages are available with surf lessons lasting from 1-3 hours

  • Semi-private 1 to 3 hour surf lessons are also available in Manuel Antonio – bring along a friend and learn to surf together while vacationing in Costa Rica!

  • Multi-day surf tours and packages can be scheduled for the duration of your Costa Rica beach vacation

  • Group surf lessons – three to four students per surf instructor –with up to ten in a group