Manuel Antonio Surfing Tour

Manuel Antonio Surfing Tour

Manuel Antonio is a small part of Costa Rica that will delight your senses. The town is located south of Hermosa. It takes travelers about 45 minutes to travel from Hermosa to Manuel Antonio.

The town offers beginner surfers a chance to experience and fall in love with the sport. Travel to Manuel Antonio to experience breathtaking adventures as you learn how to surf away from crowded beaches.

The travel destination is suitable for beginner surfers or experienced surfers travelling with non-surfing partners. The beaches at Manuel Antonio are clean and full of waves. This makes it a perfect destination for surfing.

Manuel Antonio is a town that combines great ocean views, beautiful jungles, wildlife, friendly locals, and great adventure activities. The town is full of restaurants and bars that are sure to make you daytime and nightlife enjoyable. The travel destination is also well known for its friendly and helpful locals. Experience a fun filled adventure with a good mix of wonderful beaches and great adventures in the jungles of Manuel Antonio.

Experience the best waves in all of Costa Rica in Manuel Antonio as you enjoy the ocean. The town offers a variety of training classes for beginner surfers. There are several surfing lessons offered in Manuel Antonio by qualified surfing specialists. The first step to learning how to surf is purchasing equipment. The quality of your board highly determines your learning experience. There are several stores in Manuel Antonio that sell quality surfboards. Rentals are also available.

Most trainers view surfing as an art. Surfing is the art of blending your body, the board and the ocean waters. The right mix of all three elements helps beginners stay on the board. To give you a small feel on the sport, here are basic rules in surfing:

  • The rule of nature. All surfers must learn how to study the water before they begin surfing. The ocean can be deadly. Observe the ocean waves before you paddle your way in. The conditions can change rapidly and become unbearable for beginners.
  • Surfing norms. One such norm is the surfer closest to the white waters gets to ride the wave.
  • The most important rule that beginners should learn is to never drop in on a surfer riding a wave.

Experience unforgettable fun filled Costa Rica activities that involve water sports like surfing in Manuel Antonio. Don’t forget to document your experience by taking numerous pictures as you learn the sport. Nothing compares to capturing amazing experiences on camera.