Spice Plantation Tour at Villa Vanilla in Manuel Antonio

Spice Plantation Tour at Villa Vanilla in Manuel Antonio

Engage all your senses at this amazing spice plantation Tour in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. The tour destination is a certified organic and biodynamic spice farm specializing in the sustainable growth of essential oils, medicinal plants, exotic fruits and flora and a variety of spices including vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon, black pepper, allspice and tumeric.

Learn about the origins, ancient history and traditional uses of all of the organically grown spices at this Eco tour in Manuel Antonio. Touch and feel the textures of each spice before taking in the wonderful aromas. Taste each spice while learning about the medicinal benefits of these amazing plants.

Enjoy a leisurely walk through the sustainable spice plantation and the Rock Garden Trail before sampling from the Flavors of the World tasting menu. Freshly prepared by a gourmet pastry chef, guests are offered an assortment of spice-infused sweet treats, along with the opportunity to taste many of organically grown spices. Guests are also treated to fresh tropical fruits while looking out upon a gorgeous rainforest vista of Manuel Antonio National Park.

The spice plantation tour in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is a half day excursion with tours starting at 9AM and 1PM Monday-Saturday and 9AM on Sundays. This eco-tour is a must-see for foodies on vacation in Costa Rica!