Manuel Antonio Kayak Tours

Manuel Antonio Kayak Tours

Looking for the adventure of a life time? Be spoilt with choice by the different activities that Manuel Antonio has to offer. Manuel Antonio is an amazing small town and one of the best tourist destinations in Costa Rica.

Experience the adventure of a life time with amazing kayak tours offered by different companies in the area. Have a family or group adventure as you comfortably kayak through the ocean or mangrove. Choose between an amazing day tour through the mangrove of Manuel Antonio or experience a thrilling adventure of kayaking through the mangrove at night.

Many people would be thrilled to be discovering nature first hand. Instead of touring the magnificent beauty of the Manuel Antonio on a high tech boat, discover ultimate beauty as you interact with nature during your kayaking adventure.

Kayaking adventures offer an amazing opportunity to interact with nature. Feel the water underneath you glide along in your kayak and discover the amazing wildlife. Appreciate Manuel Antonio’s scenic beauty in a fun filled, refreshing adventure that will make you want to visit over and over again.

Choose from a variety of tours. You could choose to paddle your way around the ocean’s coastline of the islands or venture into the amazing mangroves in Damas Island. The tours take about half a day and the time of departure is dependent on the tide. Discover the great variety of plants and wildlife and take in the beautiful sites with the help of highly trained and friendly guides.

Most people are skeptical about the safety of kayaking as compared to boat ride tours, but kayaking is completely safe and provides an experience you just can’t get from a boat. Have an interactive tour with nature using high-quality kayaking equipment and experience the beauty at its best. Although most kayaking tours take place with a guide and a group, private tours can be arranged.

The Damas Island kayaking tour: Have an unforgettable experience in Manuel Antonio as you paddle as a group or family during the day under the shadow of the mangrove. Experience an unforgettable, challenging, yet safe adventure as you paddle on the ocean kayak tours. The tour takes different durations dependent on the interests of the group. Most tours involve an interactive learning experience. Discover the amazing features of the rain forest eco-system and explore the magic that only Costa Rica has to offer. Uncover the secret of how Costa Rica preserves it mangrove eco-system.

In a holistic view, all kayaking adventures are fun and memorable for about everyone who gets the rare opportunity to experience it. Experience fun filled adventures and have memorable moments as you kayak your way through the waters of Manuel Antonio.