Manuel Antonio Crocodile Tours

Manuel Antonio Crocodile Tours

Costa Rica’s top crocodile watching site is the Tarcoles River. The river has large populations of the American crocodile and the Spectacled Caiman. The Manuel Antonio crocodile tour includes crocodile watching and feeding. Visitors are often allowed to feed the crocodiles from time to time.

Watch the powerful jaws of this huge reptile open as it prepares to snatch its food, and listen to the snap of its jaws as it feeds on its meal. You can see the 4-6 meter long crocodiles sunning themselves and gliding into the water. The crocodile tour has two dimensions, the first, where you get to view dozens of crocodiles below the Tarcoles Bridge and see people feed them, the second, take a boat ride and witness the king of the river being fed up close; it’s a wild experience you will definitely remember. A Caiman can be brought on board for you to touch; this is exciting, especially for the kids. Not to worry, as the experienced and bilingual guides understand the river and the crocodile spotting areas well, and will take all measures to ensure the boat ride is safe.

Along the shore of the Tarcoles River is a tropical rainforest where you can spot four species of monkeys: Central American Squirrel monkey, white-faced monkey, Geoffrey’s Spider Monkey and the Mantled Howler monkey. Sloths (two and three-toed), poison dart frogs, iguanas, some snake species, anteaters and other wildlife that call the tropical rainforest home often come out to play. The Tarcoles River is also among the favorite locations for bird watching, where you might get to spot hawks, toucans, colorful parrots, and herons. There is also a variety of mangrove tree species for the nature lovers and conservationists to enjoy. On hand will be a naturalist bilingual guide to give more information on what you are seeing, as Manuel Antonio crocodile tours aim at not only getting you thrilled, but also getting you informed.

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