Turu Ba Ri Adventures

Turu Ba Ri Adventures

Imagine flying so close over a crooked river that you can see crocodiles basking on the banks at the edge of a tropical rainforest. Now imagine wearing a full body harness sliding 55 miles per hour along a 3300 foot cable over the river.

It’s called the Superman zip line, and thousands of visitors a year enjoy it at the Turu Ba Ri Nature & Adventure Park. The popular attraction is located just a few minutes south of Orotina at the edge of the Tarcoles River, famous for its fat crocodiles. Wild but easily accessible, the park is only an hour from San Jose/Costa Rica and just 30 minutes from Jaco.And there’s much more here than just a fast zip line. There’s also a slow zip line for those who would rather take their time exploring the area. The zip line tour allows you to unzip at various stations so you can walk along two hanging bridges and several trails in the mountain.

Zip lining-Flt through the sky-Helicopter

Monos to Morphos

The park has 583 acres; 247 acres have been developed for the enjoyment and education of both foreign and domestic visitors. The park’s nature guided tour is a great way to experience the area’s plants and animals.

The 2.5 hour trek will introduce visitors to butterflies the size of bats, white-faced monkeys, iguanas, 200 bird species, rain forest plants like orchids and bromeliads, and of course, crocodiles.

There’s some walking involved but there is also an aerial tram that helps out. This tour is appropriate for children over 6 years of age.

Don’t Forget the Horses

If you prefer a little more open space of the secondary forest, the park’s sure-footed horses can carry you on a one hour trail ride uphill. This tour is also led by knowledgeable nature guides who focus more on ecology. You will learn how in the past, part of theproperty was used for agricultural purposes.

In 1996 the park began a reforestation project with incredible results. More than 80,000 indigenous trees were planted. Now those saplings are mature and producing food and shelter for wildlife. Then there are the monkeys who are important ecologically as they also help with reforestation by dropping seeds and carrying pollen on their fur.

A beautifull Butterfly can be seen in the Park of Turu Ba Ri
Tropical Rainforrest-Horseback Riding-Beach-Ocean-Water

But Where to Eat?

This is the kind of place that can make you work up an appetite. The park offers a buffet that has received very good reviews from visitors around the world. The buffet consists of traditional Costa Rica foods of meat, rice, beans, salads, tortillas, platanos, picadillo (potato mix) and fruits. You can also find restaurants in nearby Orotina. Antigua Hacienda is a top rated restaurant by tourists. The menu is in English but employees speak little. Not a problem, just don’t expect them to tell you the meaning of Turu Ba Ri.

It means bright moon river.