Jaco Town Activities

Jaco Town Activities

Costa Rican Adventure

For a thrill‐seeking Costa Rican adventure, you are definitely going to want to visit Costa Rica/Playa Jaco or Jaco Beach located on the southwestern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

In this quaint little beach town, there is plenty of activities and a lot for visitors to see. W

hether you are vacationing for an extended period of time or only passing through towards your next Costa Rican vacation adventure.

long white sand beaches with escellent surfing

Most Excellent Beaches

Jaco is known for its amazing beaches and is one of the top destinations in Costa Rica for surfing. During the months of December through April, you can find an abundance of extreme sports along this coast, including some of the most exciting surf competitions that allow both the entry of native Ticos as well as foreigners from all around the world. Other Jaco activities that can be found in Jaco are sport fishing, mangrove tours, horseback riding along the beach, snorkeling and scuba diving.

There are certainly no shortage of tour options in this small town, so you can decide what sounds the most exciting for you.

lush green palm trees surround the bay of costa rica and can be found on almist every beach
water sports in haco include surfing competitions-fishing-bird watching

Lush Palms

Playa Jaco is one of the most beautiful beaches, not only throughout Costa Rica but possibly throughout the world. With rows of palm trees lining the lightly pebbled white sand beaches, you can watch the sunset after a day of surfing, swimming, shopping or eating at the local restaurants, as it sets down upon the waters of Jaco.

You will feel that you are simply in paradise as the waves calm down towards nighttime and the sunset glistens on the water. This is a perfect location to vacation alone or with friends or family.

Bring your surfboard and relax, bring a few friends for a fun night at the local bars and discotheques, or even for a romantic night out on the town with your significant other.

Water Sports Galore

Although Jaco Beach is mostly infamous for its water sports and excellent surfing conditions.

There is abundant wildlife constantly surrounding you. A local trained guide in the area will help you spot sloths, monkeys, exotic birds, butterflies, snakes and iguanas or simply walk around, look up into the flora and beautiful fauna will appear.

Often times it is not unusual to spot these rarities during quiet moments by yourself.