Jaco Stand Up Paddle Board

Jaco Stand Up Paddle Board

Paddle Board Surfing

Stand up paddle board, often times referred to as (SUP) may seem like a new trend to the area of Costa Rica/Jaco but it is as timeless as the sport of surfing itself.

More and more tourists and even Ticos themselves are picking up on reinventing this trendy sport in new and innovative ways. Stand up paddle boarding can be used in a myriad of different skill sets and when visiting Playa Jaco (Jaco Beach) you can easily find different SUP instructors that offer versatile classes to willing and excited students.

SUP has been known to help with the balance and precision it takes to battle any wave coming your way.

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Yoga Boards

There are even new, pioneering uses for SUP, such as stand up paddle board yoga or even using the stand up paddle boards for things like mangrove tours and sightseeing.

Stand up paddle board in Jaco is an incredible form of exercise and if you love to surf while on any Costa Rican adventure, this sport can only help prepare you for riding the incredible and famous waves that are known to crash along the shores of Playa Jaco.

Some say that if you can master the art of stand up paddle board, you are ready to take on the swells that frequent the beaches of Jaco during both the dry season and rainy season.

Stand Up Paddle Board Tours

Paddle boards are usually priced at an incredibly modest rate for rent. Since Jaco is known for its notorious surfing, beautiful beaches.

This draws crowds of both tourists and Costa Rican natives especially during the dry season, it also has an abundance of stand up paddle board schools.

Feel free to rent a board for a day. Since these boards are custom made and slightly different than the traditional surf board, you can use them to paddle leisurely either while standing, paddling on your knees or even cross­legged.

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From Dusk till Dawn

You can even invest in a class with a private instructor to challenge your endurance, who can teach you fundamentals, work on your balance, or simply to experience a new and once in a lifetime thrill. These classes and/or paddle board rentals can be found available from dawn until dusk.

Let yourself experience the pleasure of waking up slowly and paddle boarding as the sun rises on the town of Jaco or paddle in slowly for the evening after a day of fun in the sun.

If you’re feeling adventurous, finding an experienced tour guide for SUP mangrove tours are readily available or take a SUP yoga class that will challenge your core and leave you with a sense of inner peace. Stand up paddle board knows no age or gender. This sport is family­friendly too.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to try this Costa Rican -paddle board surfing. While visiting the town of Jaco during your Costa Rican adventure, stand up paddle board should be one of the things you cross off your list before returning home. Ask our helpful concierge to sign you up!