Playa Jaco Costa Rica Spa Treatments

Playa Jaco Costa Rica Spa Treatments

Allow your mind, body and spirit to relish in the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing spa treatment while on vacation at Playa Jaco, Costa Rica.

Whether you prefer a spa experience from the privacy of your ocean view villa rental in Costa Rica or wish to spend the day at a calming spa in Jaco, Escape Villas can accommodate all of your spa needs!

Jaco spa treatments specialize in natural products sourced from Costa Rica’s lush rainforests and volcanic soils. Partake in a one-on-one consultation for the optimal experience in relaxation while on vacation on the pristine Central Pacific.

Relieve stress and tension with full-body massage or escape from the kids with an all-day package featuring a combination of spa treatments.

Spa Treatments at Playa Jaco Costa Rica
Costa Rica Spa Treatments Playa Jaco

Massage therapy options at Jaco Beach include full body massages using traditional techniques to promote a zen-like state of well-being.

Deep tissue massages target sore spots to relieve tension, improve total body circulation and lesson chronic pains.

Hot stone massage therapy is one of the most popular spa treatments in Jaco, using lava stones from Costa Rica’s majestic volcanoes. The heat from the lava stones penetrates deep into the body and is followed by a deep tissue massage.

If a soothing massage isn’t enough luxury for you, enjoy a rejuvenating scrub to exfoliate your body and renew your skin. Exfoliating scrubs also feature locally sourced, Costa Rican ingredients. A coffee-based scrub promotes microcirculation and eliminates toxins in the body.

A moisturizing scrub using sand gathered from Costa Rica’s tropical Caribbean coast smoothes skin by removing old skin on the body’s surface and promotes new skin growth.

Getting married in Jaco, Costa Rica? Relish in a soothing facial before the big day with your bridal party!

Facial treatments at Playa Jaco begin with a skin cleansing using a gentle exfoliant. Your skin is then lathered with a mud mask rich in nutrients including sweet almonds, aloe vera, sesame oil and jojoba oil.

The nutrient dense mask removes impurities from the skin and hydrates to reduce the impact of sun exposure and the ocean’s salt water.

In need of just the basics after an exhilarating week of eco and adventure tours while on vacation in Jaco? Relaxing manicures and pedicures are also one of the many spa treatments available at Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

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