Jaco Restaurants

Jaco Restaurants

Where to Eat

When you pull into the Costa Rican beach town of Jaco after a long day of traveling, there is always one thing on your mind: Where are we going to eat? Jaco has no shortage of variety when it comes to the plethora of restaurants that are made available to the public.

One of the first things you will notice are the comidas rapidas (fast foods) that even have a few North American items on the menu, such as a typical cheeseburger and fries. You will always see Costa Rica’s national dish: the casado. A casado is a typical Costa Rican dish that mainly consists of large portions of rice, beans, a salad or vegetable, a form of potato, fried plantains and your choice of meat (chicken, beef, pork, fish, vegetarian).

It is never a bad idea to ask what the catch of the day is and order fish while staying in Jaco as it is located on the Pacific.

in haco you will find plenty of fish restaurants-serving a variety of surf and turt mals

Fish ans Shrimp are a-plenty

Coast and fish is caught fresh daily by the local town fishermen. At nighttime, towards dinner, you can venture out along the strip in the town of Jaco. There are restaurants that priced from low to high depending on what level of service and food variety you are in the mood for.

This beach town offers Italian restaurants, Chinese, Japanese and Sushi restaurants, fresh seafood spots (often times with views of the beach), and even small dives that typically serve a Mexican‐style of food (a quick order of tacos) or even fresh Ceviche made that very day, if you’re bar hopping and need a slight pick‐up food to refuel you for the rest of your night.

The variety counts

Restaurants in Jaco Costa Rica are all about variety so even if you are staying a short while on your vacation or choose to stay in town for a while longer, you will never tire of finding new and interesting restaurants and quickly finding your favorite spots to dine. Some of the bars and clubs that don’t open until later in the night will also offer bocas or tapas on the menu. Bocas or tapas are typically smaller appetizers that are perfect when you’re not quite in the mood to go home yet, in a party mood and out drinking, or not hungry enough for a larger meal.

Friendly and helpful staff and owners

The restaurant owners and staff in the city of Jaco are friendly and polite. Often times they will give you honest recommendations on their favorite dish and the current specials.

t is best to ask about what specials your restaurant is serving because you never know what rare and tasty fish may have been caught that evening off the shore of Playa Jaco and is now being served up in different culinary creations. Almost all restaurants hire staff who check on how your meal is accommodating you, your friends or your family.

With just a quick and friendly smile, a waiter or waitress will be at your side willing to take your order or refill your water glass without having to ask. For such a small and quaint beach town, it is certainly the place you are going to want to visit during your Costa Rican vacation simply for the experience of the restaurants and menus offered throughout this area.