Jaco Horseback Riding Tours

Jaco Horseback Riding Tours

The thrill of a lifetime

jaco-horseback-riding-trail-explore privately owned farms on horseback in and arround costa rica/jacoThere is no greater thrill than adding horseback riding in Jaco to your itinerary of Costa Rican adventures. Horseback riding is a fantastic and traditional way to see the country. You can find tours or even privately owned ranches that will offer you affordable pricing by the hour or even by the day.

This is an event that the whole family can partake in or can be approached as a solo activity for the more experienced horseback rider. You will find grandeur and serenity while horseback riding in Jaco as you are lead along our lightly pebbled beaches, rural areas, under the canopy of the tropical rainforest, towards waterfalls and other exotic areas such as breathtaking mountain tops.

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jaco-horseback-riding-trail-explore privately owned farms on horseback in and arround costa rica/jaco

Meet the Locals

Often times you will find local, Tico vendors along the beach that will offer tourists an affordable price if you wish to just trot up and down the beaches of Playa Jaco and breathe in the beautiful salt water air as a start or an end to your day. Then there will be times, as you are exploring the exciting beach town of Jaco, that you will frequently find plenty of tour companies that offer your inexpensive horseback riding tours to your dream destination.

It only takes a little bit of exploration to find what is best for you. Horseback riding in Costa Rica has no age limit or discrimination against gender. If you are visiting the town of Costa Rica/Jaco with your entire family, it is easy to find tame horses with gentle owners that you can entrust with the lives of your children just as it is stress‐free to find a tour guide or owner that will rent you a horse for those of you that require a little more of an adrenaline kick.

The Beach on Horseback

jaco-horseback-riding-beach-listen to the ocean while riding on horseback on the beach in jacoA lot of tours or horseback riding companies provide provisions, such as a breakfast or lunch when you invest in their horseback riding tours through various companies.

If you wish to horseback ride for half of the day to a beautiful and majestic final destination, you may want to spend a little extra to make sure that you rehydrate and refuel.

This way, you are not missing any of Costa Rica’s natural beauty. You can even find horseback riding tours that will end in beautiful locations that you have only read about in books.

If you want to come to Jaco and invest in a horseback riding tour to a waterfall that you can inevitably swim in and document beautiful photographs of you and your family? No problem.

jaco-horseback-riding-beach-listen to the ocean while riding on horseback on the beach in jaco
jaco-horseback-riding-beach-take spectacular phptographs whild hroseback riding on the beach in costa rica/jaco

If you wish to horseback ride under the canopy of the rainforest and spot the intense and extravagant flora and fauna that our jungles have to offer, we can make that happen for you as well. When visiting the petite, yet lively town of Jaco, horseback riding and horseback riding tours should definitely be on your checklist of Costa Rican thrills. There is nothing quite like watching the sunrise or sunset from atop a horse at one of the most scenic views a person could ask for.

Let horseback riding in Jaco take you to a place of blissful escape and meditation as well as investing in the thrill of a lifetime.

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