Dominical Reptile Park – Parque Reptilandia

Dominical Reptile Park – Parque Reptilandia

Exotic Animals

Domincal’s Reptile Park, known locally as Parque Reptilandia, is one of the only places you will get to see most of these exotic animals. You may hear the local Ticos (Costa Ricans) refer to it as Parque Reptilandia and think that you will need to beef up on your translation abilities, but don’t worry about that, because all of the guides are bilingual and can accommodate your group’s needs easily.

Situated on just over an acre of land, the park contains over 70 terrarium tanks to show off iguanas, venomous and non venomous snakes, and poisonous frogs. All animals are contained in a safe environment that is easily accessible by wheelchairs for viewers to marvel at and enjoy. Kids and families are welcome!

The welcome house of Dominical Reptile Park

Bilingual Guides

The guides here handle some of the most venomous and dangerous reptiles and amphibians and are the best at what they do. They have even assisted with the making of many films produced at the park and the surrounding areas, including The Jeff Corwin Experience.

This tour is especially useful for education of the different species of snakes in our jungle as well as how to correctly respond if one were to be stumbled upon in the wild.

Dominical Reptile Park Tucan- These precious birds are the national bird of Costa Rica

Singing Tucans

In most communities 4­wheel drive is needed to access the small mountainous towns, homes, attractions, and the alluring sounds of cascading waterfalls and singing toucans.

But transportation is easy getting to Parque Reptilandia, either driving (2 wheel drive), taking a cab from the nearby cities of Quepos, Dominical, or San Isidro, and even the local bus makes a stop at the entrance.

dominical-reptile-park-snake poisonous or non venomous

Snakes and Frogs

Friday is feeding day!!! For those who want to discover how snakes digest or simply want to see them feed, this is your opportunity. They are open every day from 9am to 4:30 pm.

Group rates are also available to parties over 20, as well as featured event options for bringing the whole office or group out for a holiday outing.

Dominical Reptile Park Waterfall- The waterfalls in this park are scattered across the landscape


The area of Costa Rica/Domincal and Uvita offer some of the most lush forest landscape in Costa Rica. This is a part of Costa Rica where you have a great chance of taking a hike and finding your own personal waterfall utopia for the day.

They are everywhere down here and a day or two must be spent here for the full vacation experience of beautiful Costa Rica!!!