Canopy Tours in Dominical Costa Rica

Canopy Tours in Dominical Costa Rica

What better way to experience the paradise of Dominical than by zip lining over the tree tops of Costa Rica’s rainforest?! Canopy tours are an excellent way to get the adrenaline pumping while getting up close and personal with nature. Because of the untouched terrain that surrounds Dominical, a canopy tour through these magnificent rain forests is like none other you may experience while on vacation in Costa Rica.

Restrictions for Canopy Tours in Dominical

A canopy tour is a fantastic eco adventure for the entire family, especially in Dominical. The majority of tour operators throughout Costa Rica specify a minimum age of ten years of age for participants. However, some specialized canopy tours permit children from the age of five to zip line if accompanied by a tour guide. Ensure you inquire prior to booking a reservation for a canopy tour in Dominical.

There is also a weight restriction of about 265 pounds on most canopy tours in Costa Rica. It goes without saying that if you are afraid of heights then this may not be the eco tour for you! Some zip line platforms and suspended bridges can reach up to sixty feet above the rainforest floor and once the canopy tour has begun it can be difficult to turn back.

Available Canopy Tours in Dominical

Thanks to the idyllic setting of the mountains and rainforest that encompass Dominical, there are multiple canopy tour companies to choose between. Make sure that to wear comfortable clothing and take a waterproof jacket. Dominical canopy tours operate throughout the rainy season but may be cancelled if weather conditions reduce zip line visibility. Take sun block, insect repellent and a hat for protection against the Costa Rican rays. For additional information about canopy tours while on vacation in Costa Rica, contact Escape Villas at 1-800-340-2407 or

  • Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge Canopy Tour & Tree Climbing
    Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge, located just 1 km north of Playa Dominical, is a 330 hectare private reserve which incorporates 3 kilometers of Costa Rican beaches, mangroves and 40 hectares of primary rainforest. One of the zip line platforms at this Dominical canopy tour sits at a height of 100 ft and offers fantastic views of the surrounding tropical paradise that is Costa Rica’s South Pacific. This two-part adventure tour and eco tour in Dominical includes not only the thrill of zip lining over the rainforest canopy, but also allows tourists to climb the towering rainforest trees, as well!
  • Rainforest Canopy Tour
    This 2-3 hour canopy tour is locally known in Dominical as the flight of the toucan; sweep down through the tree tops of primary rainforest looking out for monkeys, sloths, birds and an abundance of tropical flora and fauna! A bilingual tour guide will show the ropes zip lining after instructing a detailed safety induction. This Dominical canopy tour features 8 separate cables, 14 land-based platforms and 1 tree-based platform, crossing through valleys and streams. This ultimate canopy tour gives you an amazing is a bird’s eye view of Costa Rica’s coastal paradise! Open from Monday – Sunday with tours starting at 8 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m. Limit of 12 people per canopy session.
  • The Canopy Observation Platform
    If you are looking for a more laid back approach to looking out over the rainforest canopy then this 2 to 3 hour tour that takes you up to the tree tops of primary rainforest in Dominical is just for you! This Costa Rican eco tour includes being hoisted up 112 ft until you reach the canopy observation platform. Under the supervision of a bilingual tour guide and using safety harnesses and ropes, the view from the top is truly magical. Take in the beauty of Dominical’s tropical flora and fauna that surrounds you while snapping keepsake photos of your vacation in Costa Rica. Open Monday – Saturday with tours starting at 8 a.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. This Dominical canopy tour permits only three people allowed on the platform at one time.
  • Rainforest Tree Climbing
    If you enjoy scaling mountains then why not try your hand at some tree climbing in Costa Rica’s rainforest?! This adventure tour in Dominical is only suitable for the athletic. Specialized safety equipment and harnesses aid your ascent up a huge tree reaching a height of 113 ft. You will be able to sit on one of the branches and take in the beautiful rainforest canopy. A fully-trained bilingual guide will show you the ropes and is on hand throughout the three hour tree climbing adventure. Tree climbing adventure tour available operates Monday – Saturday with tours starting at 8 a.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. This Dominical canopy tour permits only two guests to scale the tree at one time.