Canopy Zipline Tour

Canopy Zipline Tour

Sail through the lush greenery on ziplines stretched between the huge trees of the rainforest. Your journey culminates in a beautiful cool river and dramatic waterfall as you enjoy a superb meal at the tropical ranchero.

The Course

Starting out you will have a comfortable hike towards the first platform. Before you are finished, you will have traversed 18 platforms and ziplines and 3 rappel lines. All are high above the rainforest canopy, trails and waterfalls.

Afterwards you will have a typical Tico breakfast or lunch at a small mountainside rancho on the river.

You will finish your trip at a crystal-clear pool of water at the base of a cascading waterfall. There you can cool off, swim and just relax and enjoy the beauty of this natural jungle.

The Guides

Your guides are very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the area and will assist you in all aspects of your adventure. There is special equipment for children under the age of 5. Your guide will instruct you in all the techniques and safety aspects of your equipment.

All guides are well-trained in the safety procedures that are used in high rope climbing and rock climbing. The course has been inspected and approved by the Association of Challenge Course Technologies.

Practical Information

The tour includes ACCT-trained bilingual guides, transportation, Costa Rican breakfast or lunch, and all equipment.

Hiking boots or athletic shoes are recommended – no flip flops please! Either long pants or shorts are acceptable. Bring a bathing suit, towel, and insect repellant.