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How to Tip in Costa Rica

Your driver or transportation – there are “red taxis” which are the local taxis for the area. Tipping in this instance is not necessary but you do however want to offer a tip to a driver that has been arranged for a longer trip (i.e. from the international airport to Manuel Antonio / Costa Rica). Normally, 10-15% of the total cost of transportation is the standard but for a driver that went out of his/her way to get you to your destination promptly, assisted with your luggage, and was helpful along the way, any greater amount then that is always nice.

Your cleaning and maid service, what you need to bare in mind is that these individuals are relying on your tips as their salaries are quite minimal, so the suggested amount is $2 to $5 per day. If you have daily housekeeping service it’s a good idea to leave a tip on the first day of your stay as this will likely result in better service for the duration of your trip.

Live music – if you find yourself out and enjoying some local nightly entertainment, it is always nice to give a little to the talent. It’s difficult to make ends meet as an artist, so any small amount is received graciously. Most entertainers will have a tip jar next to where they are performing and you’ll likely get a big “gracias” over the microphone if you drop some dollars or colones in it!

How much do you Tip in Costa Rica