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Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Traveling abroad can have many known and unknown benefits.  From getting away just to relax or traveling to understand a different culture you would be amazed at what one week can do for the body and mind. When was the last time you to vacation? One of the detriments to living in society today is many do not take time to just relax or even take a break and realize there is more to life than just working.  The world health organization has even labeled work burnout as a condition.

You are going to love staying at one of our beautiful vacation villas!


Costa Rica is one of the best places to visit in the entire world. Here you have the luxury of warm tropical weather, stunning views in just about every corner of the country, and famous retreats to practice yoga. Whether you are a fully-fledged Yogi or in it to feel more energized you will agree that being surrounded by flora a fauna certainly helps relieve stress and reach a restored state of mind. This is just one reason why this country is one of the most saute after places to practice yoga.

Be close to nature and stimulate your mind. Come see the stunning landscape of Costa Rica. This will help you forget the worries you left behind before leaving on your vacation. You can enjoy the natural foods prepared by the most respected experts in the world. Also, stay in a sustainable cabin with a private garden, and take nature excursions on horseback or on foot. Reconnect with Mother Earth and clean your body of all the toxins that have been collected throughout the year.

No beach vacation in Costa Rica would be complete without an invigorating yoga session, especially if you enjoy surfing. If you are looking for some serious relaxation after a long day of battling the surf, then what better way to unwind than with a spot of yoga.

offers participants a serene yoga experience set against the stunning backdrop of some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. beautifully blends in with the tropical rainforest that surrounds Playa Dominical, creating the perfect location to decompress.

Qualified yoga instructors guide you through different positions that ensure that you get the maximum out of classes. Yoga has many benefits including increased flexibility, strength and balance. Sunset yoga in Dominical, Costa Rica, is a great way to recharge and relax, so even if it’s your first time you will certainly enjoy it.


The best points of Yoga Costa Rica

The practice of yoga next to a waterfall or at the top of a mountain range has its own health benefits. However, you may want to choose a package that combines excellent spa and treatment facilities with sustainable and natural settings. Nosara is one of the best places to start, with its relaxation experts and spiritual guides. That, you will find high-level wellness centers in this area. There are stations in the mountains near the capital. There you can choose between different vacation retreat packages in Costa Rica.