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Beachfront Vacation Rentals When Traveling With Kids?

Do you want your family to experience the very best in a beachfront location? You’ve got kids who go ape for sand and water. But are beachfront vacation rentals really a good choice for your kids?

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You betcha! They will wake up to the sounds of the ocean, and be raring to go out and play. You will just need to reign them in long enough to have a good breakfast!

beachfront vacation rentals in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Can you imagine a more luxurious and safe setting for you and your family ?

Beachfront Vacation Rentals are Ideal for Families

Beaches all over are renowned for their laid-back, kid-friendly vibe. Chances are, the properties next door or nearby are also  beachfront vacation rentals. Consequently, your kids may even make some friends with other kids as they encounter each other on the beach.

This is also a chance to bond more tightly with the entire family. Depending on the location, you can rent some bikes and go for a leisurely ride on the sand. Or bring a frisbee and play toss with each other while wading in the water (just try not to toss the frisbee too far out!). Afterward, watch the sunset as your children skip along in front of you, then build a bonfire and roast marshmallows together.

As a rule, vacation beach rentals are more of a home away from home. Unlike a sterile, impersonal hotel, vacation home rentals are extremely personable, cozy and downright more appealing than any hotel. It is a place where you can fix your own home-cooked meals or grab that quick bite to bring back to the house and eat together at the table.

With a beachfront vacation rental, the possibilities are many!

A relaxing time for the Adults

Your kids can play in the sand and explore all the beach has to offer, under your supervision. While they build epic sandcastles, you can be sitting on the beach under an umbrella, with a drink in your hand and a good book at your side.

beachfront luxury home in Playa Flamingo
Beautiful Casa Taj, Playa Flamingo / Costa Rica

Likewise, you are your beloved can spend much-needed alone time together while your kids occupy themselves on the sand. If your kids are young, they will blossom under your tutelage as you tell them about all of the wonders of the water. If your kids are older, you can leave them free to explore the beach on their own. And you spend your own downtime doing whatever you like.

Then when the day is done, they will fall exhausted to sleep, again with the sounds of the water, with the promise of another day of adventure on the beach to come as soon as they awake.

The only downside is that they may never want to leave! You have other activities planned. Be it sightseeing a road trip to a nearby town, or dinner at that fancy restaurant. But not to worry, you can always bribe them with promises of future beach adventures to come.