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Famous Butterflies of Costa Rica

A Colorful Marvel

Costa Rica has many amazing benefits to staying or living here, one of the biggest benefits is being able to see flourishing colors year round. These colors inhabit the many different animals, flowers, different kinds of plants, most prominently the butterflies. Of all the insects out there the butterfly is probably the most sought after for pictures and viewing. Within this little country, you will find over 1500 different species of butterfly alone, holding 90% of all species in Central America and 18% worldwide. One of the most famous is the Blue Morpho Butterfly.

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The Blue Morpho

The Morpho has a brilliant blue paint job and certainly the most recognizable because of this bright blue. Although the funny part about it is the Morpho is not actually blue. The Blue Morphos wing actually works very similarly to a glass prism, white light shines through and this amazing blue shines out. This blue is only present when it is flying when the butterfly is landed the wings fold up and you see a clever camouflage of different browns and woody colors.


Other famous Butterflies

The Owl Butterfly

The owl is known as the largest of all butterflies in Costa Rica, its wings span between 65-200 mm, that’s the size of some small birds.

Giant Swallow Tail

The Swallowtail has a very distinct wing shape with a teardrop shape on the tips of its wings. It spans from 100-140 mm.

The Glasswing

The Glasswing is definitely smaller but you will not mistake it, it has a beautiful seethrough wing hence the name. Ranging from 20-40 mm.

Butterflies of Costa Rica


Now the Monarch is a type of butterfly we should all be able to recognize in North America. With a size range of 80-120 mm.

Pink Spotted Cattle Heart

A unique name and certainly a cool design this one has heart shapes near the bottom of its wings. Spanning 90-100mm.

Sara Longwing

The Longwing lives up to its name with extra elongated wings and short stature.

Scarce Bamboo Page

The Bamboo Page has brilliant gree spots outlined by a black border, giving it a unique coloring as well.

Butterflies in Costa Rica

Tiger Clear Wing

This one has tiger stripes on its wings and ranges from 65-75 mm.

White Angled Sulfur

This specific butterfly is very good a hiding as it looks exactly like a leaf right down to the wing shape. Ranging from 70-90 mm.

Now, these are only a few of the butterflies you will find in Costa Rica the best way to see all the different kinds is to visit the butterfly gardens or just walking through the national parks. You will have to keep your eyes open wide as they can flutterby at a surprising speed.

When are you coming to see all the butterflies of Costa Rica? Check out Manuel Antonio one of the best spots to find them.