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Where to eat the best pizza in Costa Rica

Pizza in costa ricaDo you like pizza? That is a silly question as so many people worldwide love pizza, each person has there favorite pizza restaurant and flavor whether it be meat lovers, vegetarian, Hawaiian, or whatever you might like.
It is the same for Costa Rica. Costa Ricans also have there favorite pizzas and restaurants and we have put together some of the best restaurants that you may want to try out when you come here for vacation.

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In Manuel Antonio Area

The Manuel Antonio area is one of Costa Rica’s main tourist areas and has all kinds of different restaurants, you can dine with amazing views of the Pacific Coastline. So come and taste some of the best pizza in the area.

Victoria Italian Restaurant: This restaurant is great for fine dining and has amazing gourmet pizzas although it is higher priced than most.

Mercado del Porta: Located up by the Pez Vela Marina, you have a great view of the Marina and some delicious pizzas to choose from.

La Dolce Vita: This Family owned restaurant in Quepos, specializes in Lazagna and Pizza, this particular restaurant, in particular, is a treasure to the area.

Miguelitos Pizza: This Pizza place is a local favorite, and they conveniently deliver to the region, also look out for and wings
Zamir Pizza: Inexpensive and delicious, although they only deliver.

San Jose Area

San Jose is Costa Rica’s capital it is the main hub of the country and offers some great conveniences you don’t find near the beaches. You will also find some of the best pizza restaurants in the country.

Il Piaceri: Located in Cartago city by Walmart. This restaurant uses very fresh ingredients and is by far the best in the area.

Sapore Trattoria: Homemade pasta with delicious Italian wine the perfect place for a date night or just enjoy your favorite pizza.
The Corner Pizzeria: This Pizza place is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, also moderately priced.

In Tamarindo

Tamarindo is another beautiful beach located in the Northern Pacific. Enjoy the simple things in life like warm weather, a cold beverage, and great pizza.

Crazy Monkey Bar and Restaurant: For some fine dining this restaurant is perfect they have great pizza and an amazing sunset view you are sure to love.

El Sapo Ristopizza: Located opposite of the Langosta beach you will also have a great view and taste some very fresh ingredients in your pizza.

So now you are ready to come to Costa Rica and enjoy the best pizza in our country. These are just a few of the pizza places you will find from one coast to the other but also some of the best. To find your favorite pizza place here, you have to come to visit and do some taste testing.