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Time in Costa Rica

A sloth in Costa Rica.What time is it?

It is always good to know what time is it or how much time you have. Fortunately, Costa Rica only has one-time set and that is UTC-o6: oo zone. One great thing about Costa Rica is that they do not use daylight savings time, that is something that most Americans do not like to have around. Also, Costa Rica is also only 9 degrees north of the equator this gives the country consistent daylight year round, the sun rises at 5:30 am and sets at around 5:30: oo pm. With a guaranteed 12 hours of daylight each day, you will have plenty of time to explore the country.


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Tico Time

Something unique to Costa Rica is Tico Time. This term refers to the local view of time, as Costa Ricans are also called Ticos. Now Tico Time can be both good and bad, the good part is how relaxed it can be here. Ticos like to take their time with things. The relaxed atmosphere brings millions of vacationers and visitors each year. The bad can mean that people are not always punctual, work to Traffic in Costa ricabe done might get done the next day or a week later. Although if you are going to come to Costa Rica it is best to just let Tico Time happen there is no sense in trying to speed society up as it will bring you stress and really will not bring anything good. So just relax and Pure life.

Now closer to the cities you will find that this Tico Time is less and less of a thing. Being on time for work in the city is a big deal and you will notice that city-goers are much more Americanized than say in Manuel Antonio or any other of the beach cities. So if you are tired of the rat race back home, perhaps a short trip or even living here long term is an option for you. Costa Rica might be the best place to go to Costa Rica for your next vacation.

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