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Safe Travels in 2019

costa-rica-zipline-tamarindo-beachStaying Safe this year

Safe Travel through Costa Rica is a big concern and 2018 brought a damper on whether you should visit Costa Rica or not. While most travel agencies and tourism traps will say that Costa Rica has not changed and that it is as safe as it was twenty years ago, but the truth is you do have to keep your guard up. This is true almost anywhere you go Worldwide. It is good to have a plan, and not just what you are going to pack, but a good plan for staying safe.

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2018 saw a nasty plane crash, a rafting accident and several kidnappings that really affected the way tourists look at Costa Rica as a whole. This can be partly blamed on Costa Rica in general for not keeping up with regulations, 2nd how many unregistered immigrants are coming into the Country, and lastly the increase in tourists throughout the country. As the tourism industry keeps increasing it is fair to say there will be those good and bad trying to take advantage of the boom. So how can you be sure there are proper safety programs and police keeping the general public and tourists safe?

What can you do?

One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of your safety also depends on you, It is true there are criminals out there that need to be stopped but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great vacation. A lot of the bad stories and experiences you may have heard from last year all have a commonality, they could have been handled differently. For instance, traveling alone! not that traveling ​​alone is bad, but it can be much safer to travel in a group or with a companion. This way you can watch each others back and even enjoy your travels a little bit more. Another point is traveling at night, while walking on a romantic beach setting at night might be fun this is also where most tourists get themselves hurt or worse. Instead, you could travel that romantic beach during daytime while more people are out and about. Also, what are you using for your transportation? Are you using a reputable company during your travels? Or are you just hitch-hiking your way from town to town? Lastly, where are you going to stay? At the cheapest of cheap locations that are going to be less safe, or are you sparing that extra 50-100 dollars per night to stay in a better plate?

We do also have to take into account that freak accidents happen. Although you can take necessary precautions so you are much more likely to stay Safe in Costa Rica. Please check out our other article on, in general, staying safe in Costa Rica.

Safe areas in Costa Rica

What are some of the safer areas to travel to, in Costa Rica? This can be a bit complicated because in general Costa Rica is safe, but there are a lot of things that you have to consider. What area do you like? What things do you want to do? Do you like beaches, or mountains, or the rainforest? One of the best areas is the Manuel Antonio region, it is highly built up for ones that like beaches and ecology, there are so many different tours you can take advantage of and it certainly is one of the most beautiful spots to go to. Another great area is Guanacaste, it is well protected and safe for tourists to travel in even in the evening. It is more built up for tourism, more than other areas of Costa Rica and gives you many things to choose from. Another area you might enjoy is in the Arenal Volcano Region, this area, of course, has Volcanos, but some gorgeous waterfalls and many spots to stay in all while feeling safe and at home.

So when is your next flight to Costa Rica?