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Costa Ricas Eco Friendly Initiative

Costa Rica eco initiativeGoing 100 percent green

Costa Rica has always been known as a country that takes pride in its wildlife and greenery. Now they are going a step further by setting the goal to become one hundred percent Emissions free by the year 2050. This seems like a futile initiative as Costa Rica is such a small country, they make up a very small percentage of the worlds carbon footprint. Although this will set a rare example that the world surely needs, perhaps one small country can inspire the world.

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What has been done Already?

Costa Rica has made amazing headway to becoming carbon-free. The country uses 98-100% clean energy for several years now The electricity comes from Hydro Electric Dams, Windmills, and Geo Thermal. This provides the needed electricity for the whole country. As well, you will notice how many National Parks are located here, one big part of being carbon free is saving natural resources. This is just one reason that Costa Rica makes such a big effort to preserve the forests, beaches, and beautiful animals. Certainly one of the main reasons why they are such an attractive country to visit for their biodiversity.

The Future

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica great for family tripsThe future is key and having a good plan can only help out. Costa Rica’s current plan looks good on paper but they will have a lot of work to complete their goal. All public vehicles, Taxis, Buses, and Trains, also all Personal and Business vehicles will have to be upgraded or replaced. To start they will be replacing diesel and gas buses with the electric equivalent. They will also have a fully electric rail system for the public and shipping needs.

One struggle the country faces right now is with their electric dams, as normally they can rely on heavy rainfall but have had a little bit of a drought. This is not good when your main source of electricity depends on water flow. To counteract this problem they are being forced to build a large Geothermal plant. This method extracts steam from the volcanic subsoil to generate electricity. This is much better as it is much more reliable and can run 24 hours a day, also it is clean. This type of energy generation makes a lot of sense for a country that is literally made of Volcanoes. So with this plan all ready in action, we have high hopes.

As a traveler to Costa Rica, can you help out too, you might ask how? Well by keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum while traveling. Make sure you travel to eliminate extra weight on the plane, support a local initiative in the country, donate to the right programs, choose a green hotel or travel company, and keep garbage in its place, not on the ground. Costa Rica is an amazing country and you can help keep it that way.

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