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The Quepos Pez Vela Marina

Pez Vela Marina Bright LightsThe Pez Vela Marina located in Quepos is the largest and by far the best marina on the Central Pacific side of Costa Rica. The Marina has 195 wet slips available, 91 of them being newly added. They accommodate vessels that are up to 200 ft long and an operating depth of 14 ft. Additionally, there is 40 dry-rack spots available with a dry-lift forklift onsite. On top of this, the Marina itself is uniquely shaped with a Cofferdam, this protects the wet slips from strong waves and currents, especially during a storm.

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The Marina is so much more than a spot to dock your boat, unlike most Marinas, this one is actually pleasant to the eyes. With beautiful walkways and spots to relax it is more of a nice spot for tourists than you might think. A lot of thought and time was spent by the locals and businesses making it the place it is today. All this beautifying of the marina has brought a good image to the small town and draws thousands of tourist each year. Also, this is a place you can feel safe while on vacation, crime is to a minimum and the cleanliness of the town makes it that much better. One event that the Marina puts on each year is the Bright Lights Boat Parade, Normally in November, this event is one of pure lights and celebration. Each year the whole Marina lights up like a Christmas tree along with the boats.

Activities and Tours

The Marina is the main spot for the majority of water-related activities. Sports fishing is one of the biggest and most popular tours that vacationers and locals do here. Fishing in Costa Rica is all catch and release, this helps to prevent overfishing and preserves many species. Although you will still enjoy the thrill of the catch with some extra large fish waiting for you out in the waters, including Dorado, Marlin, Roosterfish, Sailfish, and Yellow-fin Tuna. There are also several different tournaments that the marina puts on throughout the year including, the Quepos Billfish Cup, Marina Pez Vela Open, Dorado Derby, Rockstar Offshore Tournament, and Billfish Championship.

Marina Seating AreaAnother activity tourists mainly love doing here is scuba diving and snorkeling. Diving, you will be able to see a lot more wildlife and explore the deeper part off of the coast, although you do need a diving license. With Snorkeling, this is more of an activity that the whole family can enjoy, you can still see amazing marine life while sticking closer to the surface. On top of all the colorful fish you might see, there are many Dolphins, Manta Rays, Whale sharks, and several types of Whales. This brings us to another activity out of the Marina, Whale watching. Year round you will be able to spot mainly Humpback whales, also Blue Whales, Orcas, Sperm Whales, and others on occasion.

There are many other activities you can do in the area including Kayaking, White Water Rafting, Sailing Tours, Canopy Tours, Jet Ski tours, and Wave Runner Rental, take a look at all the tours here.

Restaurants and shops

Quepos is also known for is small shops and many restaurants. You will notice many seafood restaurants in the area, but there is a large variety of foods and cuisines you can eat. Quepos is a bustling little tourist town with almost everything you might need. Banks, Shopping centers, Grocery Stores and neat little tourist shops. Just down the road, you will come upon Manuel Antonio having even more touristy things to do including beaches and the National Park.

Air view of marinaWhere to Stay

Depending on what you want to do in Quepos or Manuel Antonio you may be looking to stay nearby. Escape Villas offers many of the best villas and vacation homes for you to stay in. If you have a large group, you should look at the Casa Fantastica, Casa Las Brisas, and the famous Tree House, check out some of the Villas in Manuel Antonio.

To show your support for the development of this amazing Marina, the best thing you can do is show up as a tourist and check out some of the events or have fun on any of the tours. When will you be visiting?