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The Different Fruits and vegetables of Costa Rica

Visiting Tropical Countries is a unique pleasure, Especially with visiting Costa Rica. This country, in particular, produces the majority of its own fruits and vegetables and the varieties may surprise you. The different shapes, sizes, tastes, and textures give you an endless possibility of things to try.  Also because the majority of the countries produce is grown here you can be sure that it is the freshest produce.

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Fruit in Costa RicaAll these fruits of Costa Rica will give you a chance to explore the country a little more. Take a farm tour, walk through the expansive markets, and open up your pallet to new tastes.

The list seems endless and to some extent it is. Although we do get a lot of the same fruits shipped into our home countries. It really is not the same to experience the taste of fresh fruits ones that haven’t been shipped for weeks on end and that rely on chemicals for ripening.


A very popular fruit here is of course pineapples, there are many farms in Costa Rica and it is one of the main exports out of the country. Pineapples are grown from a stock in the ground and take roughly two years to complete its growth.


Guanabana is another uncommon fruit in North America and Europe, It also goes by the name of soursop. They are large like a melon but green and spikey with a white flesh.


Mangos are yet another fruit in Costa Rica, they grow on trees and can be eaten as ripe or unripe. The ripe ones are more commonly known for its sweet taste and yellow texture. Although the unripe ones aren’t common in North American markets, they are delicious and taste much more sour but go great with a little bit of salt or hot sauce.

Sugar cane in costa RicaSugarcane

A plant that is very uncommon in North America and Europe is sugar cane. There are farms all over the country including the central valley area. Although the industry might not be nearly as big as other countries this industry is large in Costa Rica. The uses of cane of are nearly endless, you can make it into sugar, Agua Dulce (sweet water), Alcohol, Ethanol, plastics, or simply just chew it for its sweet juices.

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience some new tastes and have great new experiences today.