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Indulge Your Senses in a Costa Rica Spa Day

 papaya-body-wrap-spa-treatmentHeading to Costa Rica for a family vacation but crave some personal pampering? If so, you’re in for a treat… Costa Rica boasts numerous award-winning spas that promise to melt away tension, make your skin glow and ease the sunburn you got while snorkeling! How does a naturally exfoliating body wrap of warm papaya sound? Or a nourishing facial with aloe, jojoba oil and honey? Indulge your senses in these exclusive spa treatments that highlight organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

You are going to love staying at one of our beautiful vacation villas!


Cinnamon, sugar & coffee polishing scrub

You don’t have to be a coffee lover to appreciate this spa treatment that pampers the skin in the most delicious way possible. Coffee has natural anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects, while cinnamon is known to boost the immune system. Your skin will feel hydrated and ultra-soft after this exotic scrub that awakens the senses.


Organic chocolate body wrap – made with local cacao

Take a moment to disconnect as the rich aroma of velvety chocolate envelops you. This sensual body wrap not only relieves stress and leaves skin radiant, it can actually help trigger the body’s own fat burning process. Cacao stimulates the body to produce endorphins that act as cellulite-busters, so this tension-relieving therapy wins on two fronts.

Skin rejuvenation with organic botanicals

Silky coconut cream, avocado and sea salt are used to gently exfoliate and massage your hands and feet, removing any callouses and leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated.

Nourishing facials for any skin type

Spa professionals can assess your skin type and damage to determine which products will do the trick. Whether you have dry or sensitive skin, you can rest assured a glowing result. Aloe, banana, chocolate, honey, mango cream and papaya milk are just some of the moisturizing options available for an unforgettable facial.

Purifying volcanic mud wrap

Costa Rica’s volcanic terrain isn’t just great for sightseeing. A soothing body wrap with warm volcanic clay is heaven on Earth for any road weary traveler. Applied over the entire body, this natural clay pulls out skin impurities and helps replenish the skin while wicking away tension and stress.  This wrap is a must during your Arenal vacation!