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5 Classic Arenal Adventures

The adventure town of Arenal aims to please with no shortage of opportunities to get your heart racing. When you’re not rocketing above the treetops or plunging into the depths of a 5 million year-old cavern, you can bask under the grandeur of its near-perfect volcano, which occasionally comes to life with deep rumbles and spurts.  Arenal has been a bit sleepy for the past five years, but was once one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Tourism in the region hasn’t been diminished by this recent slumber, as travelers continue to enjoy a host of unique outdoor adventures. Be sure to give these a try during your next Costa Rica vacation!

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Arenal Volcano adventure activities including Canyoning
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Also known as canyoning or rainforest rappelling, this sport is somewhat unique to Arenal. Ready yourself for the journey of a lifetime as you rappel down 200-foot waterfalls with the aid of skilled guides. Ideal for adventurous travelers ages 6 and up, this tour takes you to remote rainforest canyons tucked away in the outskirts of Arenal.

Zip-lining and aerial tram ride

The La Fortuna and Arenal region boast numerous canopy tours– all of which offer fabulous birds-eye views of the rainforest below.  While some feature Tarzan swings, others claim incredible speeds of up to 50 mph! Experienced guides clip you in safely before you hurtle from one platform to the next, howling with glee.

Spelunking in the Venado Caverns

Situated less than one hour from La Fortuna, the Venado Caverns are a wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites waiting to be explored. Amateur cavers will cross paths with bats as they navigate this underground maze with their knowledgeable guides. Tours last from 2 to 3 hours, and include round-trip transportation.

River rafting

Challenge yourself on Costa Rica’s famed whitewater rapids, with a rafting tour on the Balsa River (Class II-III), or the more intense Toro River (Class III-IV). Beginners are welcome and given technical direction by seasoned guides, who are passionate about their work.

Arenal Volcano eco friendly activities
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Arenal Hanging Bridges

This Arenal attraction is perfect for avid birders as well as families with small children. Spanning more than 2 miles, the Arenal hanging bridges are an exceptional way to explore the abundant biodiversity in the region.  Some bridges are perched 300 feet above the canopy, allowing amazing views of Arenal Lake and volcano. Common wildlife sightings include tanagers, manakins, sloths, toucans and howler monkeys.