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Six Compelling Reasons to Plan a Costa Rica Vacation

Adventure. Romance. Wildlife. Volcanoes. Hot springs. Waterfalls. Beaches. These are some of the hallmarks of travel in Costa Rica, a place where you can get back to nature, rev up your adrenaline, and savor the pura vida lifestyle that makes Ticos so darn happy. Ready to wake up to jungle noises while sipping on shade-grown coffee of the highest caliber? Or meander through a national park literally teeming with wildlife? Read on to discover six convincing reasons why you should book now!

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Thriving ecotourism in Costa Rica
Plenty Of Activities To Do While On Your Costa Rica Vacation Here

Thriving ecotourism

Leave it to Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias Sanchez to put the country on the map for its environmental dedication. Want to travel green and as low-impact as possible? You can in this thriving eco-tourism destination! Eco-friendly vacation villas, “green” car rentals, and carbon neutral flights mean a smaller footprint as you experience Costa Rica’s natural wonders.

Pura Vida lifestyle

There’s a reason why Costa Ricans are so incredibly cheerful. It all boils down to the pura vida lifestyle, which has none of the stress-inducing demands of the “rat race” back home.  This unofficial motto captures Costa Rica’s laid-back, worry-free approach to life and serves as a reminder to revel in each and every moment.

Haven for exotic wildlife

Biodiversity is the name of the game in Costa Rica’s dense lowlands, cloud forests and marine habitats. Roughly 3.5 percent of the earth’s marine species inhabit its warm waters. And more than a quarter of the country is protected from any future development, thanks to funding for national parks, reserves and wildlife refuges. Widely considered the jewel of Costa Rica’s famed parks, Corcovado contains many of the country’s 500,000+ species.

Costa Rica coffee tours
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Some of the world’s finest coffee

Working coffee plantations are dotted throughout Costa Rica, where some of the world’s finest harvests originate. Doka Estate and Café Britt – both convenient to San Jose — are undoubtedly the most popular spots for learning about the history, production and exportation of Costa Rican coffee, which is praised for its robust flavor and quality. Whether you prefer a rich espresso or a lighter French roast, it’s a Costa Rica is a veritable coffee-lover’s paradise!

Central America’s very own Switzerland

Everyone knows about Costa Rica’s progressive measures to become carbon neutral in the near future, but did you know the government abolished its military more than 60 years ago? Costa Rica functions as a peaceful, stable democracy and boasts a very high literacy rate and standard of living compared to its Central American neighbors.

Cultural & historic attractions of San Jose

A walking tour through Costa Rica’s capital of San Jose is a fantastic introduction to the city’s history and lore. Brimming with fascinating museums (Jade, Gold, Pre-Columbian), historic architecture, galleries and the renowned National Theater, this much overlooked city offers wonderful insight to the people and culture of Costa Rica.