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Tips for the Solo Female Traveler to Costa Rica

Every year, thousands of solo female tourists enjoy Costa Rica’s varied adventure offerings without a concern for personal safety. The nation has a long-standing reputation as one of the safest Latin American countries for good reason, but women should take a few things into consideration if planning a solo Costa Rica vacation. Common sense street smarts go a long way in Costa Rica, as do other precautions to avoid potential harassment.

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Advice for solo women travelers to Costa Rica:

  • Incidents of violent crime are extremely rare, but always do your research on specific areas, especially if traveling through San Jose alone
  • Ensure a family member or friend has a copy of your Costa Rica travel itinerary
  • Call, email or Skype your friends or family on a regular basis to update them on any travel changes
  • Before your departure, register with the U.S. Department of State so you can stay abreast of travel warnings
  • Catcalls from passersby and motorists are common and best ignored
  • Be discreet; don’t divulge your plans or lodging arrangements with total strangers
  • Provocative clothing may elicit unwanted attention, so consider more conservative dress when traveling outside of beach areas

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  • Take extra precautions when meeting local men or other solo male travelers
  • Avoid carrying large sums of cash or your passport on your person
  • Guard valuables in your hotel or vacation rental safe and only travel with a copy of your passport
  • Be hyper aware of your immediate surroundings; if something doesn’t feel right trust your instinct
  • Learn some basic Spanish prior to your vacation; a few simple phrases can prove especially helpful
  • Look for other like-minded  female travelers on your journeys, and plan activities together
  • When traveling via public bus, pay close attention to your luggage and belongings
  • If enjoying the nightlife, keep a watchful eye on your drink at all times
  • Avoid walking alone in deserted areas at night, particularly in certain parts of San Jose and other risky areas
  • Keep in mind that seemingly innocent flirtation may be taken the wrong way by local men, and viewed as a proposition
  • If you’re being bothered or harassed verbally, seek assistance from the local police
  • It’s always best to use red official taxis (with a yellow triangle on the door) rather than pirate cabs
  • Travel with confidence and remember that many Costa Ricans speak English and will gladly help you