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10 Awesome Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

Why should you treat your family or loved ones to a vacation in paradise? Known throughout the Americas for its world-class beaches, nature tours and spectacular scenery, Costa Rica attracts millions of tourists each year, and continues to grow in popularity among vacationers seeking the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Here are ten good reasons why Costa Rica should be on your bucket list!

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  1. Bird Watching while on your National Park Tour
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    Savor the Pura Vida lifestyle – Taking it slow and appreciating life for its smaller pleasures has helped Costa Rica become one of the happiest countries on earth – for several years in a row! Don’t you deserve a week or two of the pure life?

  2. Escape the winter time blues – Winters in the American Midwest and northeast can be brutal, with months of dreary skies and bone-chilling cold. Escape to the sunny shores of Costa Rica, where year-round temperatures hover between 75 and 90 F!
  3. Amazing flora and fauna – Did you know that Costa Rica hosts some 900 species of birds? Or that four types of monkeys inhabit its lowland jungle and temperate rainforests? In fact, this small country contains an estimated 4% of the world’s total biodiversity!
  4. Several activities to do in Costa Rica for all ages
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    Eco-tourism and responsible travel – Want to support sustainable tourism in a country that strives to be entirely carbon neutral within the next decade? Enjoy Costa Rica’s conservation-minded travel industry by choosing rural-tourism tours or booking an eco friendly vacation rental or hotel.

  5. Sheer adventure – Does rappelling down a 150-foot waterfall sound enticing? How about a zip-line tour that reaches speeds of more than 40mph? From ocean front parasailing to bungee jumping and caving, Costa Rica is packed full of adventure at every turn.
  6. Perfect for beach bums – You haven’t experienced the pure life without a visit to one of Costa Rica’s famed beaches. White sand, black sand and even pink sand cover more than 800 miles of Atlantic and Pacific shoreline, beckoning you for a swim.
  7. Volcanic hot springs – One of the obvious perks of Costa Rica’s active volcanoes are the natural thermal waters they create. The vicinity of Arenal Volcano National Park offers several hot spring attractions where you can loosen up tense muscles while soaking in mineral-rich waters.
  8. Friendly culture – Fun-loving, outgoing and famously friendly, the people of Costa Rica are just one more incentive to explore this incredible nation.
  9. An affordable vacation – Many travelers opt to get more bang for their vacation dollars by staying in a rental villa or condo – a boon for those with small children in tow. Fully-equipped kitchens mean meals-on-demand are easy and affordable.
  10. It’s safe and a short flight from the States – Compared to other popular family vacation destinations, Costa Rica ranks among the safest with few reports of violent crime. On top of that, it’s incredibly convenient to access thanks to non-stop flights on carriers like TACA, JetBlue, Spirit and Delta. A quick 3-6 hour flight and you’ll be well on your way to an unforgettable holiday.