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Dominical Costa Rica Great For Family Vacation

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Dominical is located in the province of Puntarenas, on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Mainly known for its great surf, this exotic paradise has waves that can reach 10 feet high thus it has gained a cosmopolitan reputation! This little town lies just 28 miles south of Quepos and of the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park. The 4 kilometers long beach is an ideal place to lie back and relax. It is a lovely gateway hidden away from the crowds. Dominical is wild and pristine with a good choice of vacation villas, hotels and restaurants. Visitors love to take long strolls along the shore at night. The dinning is a particularly enjoying experience as well thanks to the abundance of fresh sea food which includes crab meat, lobster, shrimp and fish. These are always included on the menu, whether you choose one of the fanciest restaurant or the local soda.

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Dominical enjoys a warm tropical climate all year long and a welcomed sea breeze during the night. Its surroundings include lush green wild forests and palm trees. It is of no surprise that so many visitors came and never left!

Playa Dominical famous whale tale arial picture in Costa Rica
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Dominical is better known for its surf and makes it a popular destination for surfers but it is great for sea kayaking as well. Scuba diving and snorkeling are available upon request in most vacation rentals and villas. Horseback riding tours to the Nauyaca waterfall is also highly in demand. You may also go on tours to the Manuel Antonio National Park and the Ballena Marino National Park. Whales frequent these waters 9 months of the year along this part of the Pacific Ocean. While the Humpback Whale is the favorite, there are six other species gathering there too along with many species of dolphins. Further south, about 95 kilometers, is the Osa Peninsula and the magnificent Corcovado National Park.

Other interesting activities include a day trip to Cano Island to explore some of the best reefs of the world and sports fishing. Further inland there is zip line canopy tours which is excellent for observing the wildlife and the forests. Also offered in Playa Dominical are bird watching guided tours which indeed attracts serious bird watchers from all over the planet. When in Dominical, one must visit Reptilandia, where you may safely observe reptiles and amphibians such as crocodiles, local snakes and frogs. For an authentic feel of the jungle inquire about the night guided tours in the Hacienda Baru.