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The Sweet Sounds of Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, one of the country’s best kept secrets.  This is top surfing destination that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the more populated beaches to the north of Guanacaste. The Santa Teresa community is welcoming and the area has become well known for being home to a strong group of talented musicians.  This top beach and sun vacation destination is much more than a surfer’s paradise.

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A blend of cultures has permitted the diffusion of wide range of musical talents, with different backgrounds, styles and ages. If you are looking for some evening entertainment after the sun sets there are several inviting venues in Santa Teresa.

Look out for up and coming bands including Kika Band, The Common People and Gypsy Crew. From 80’d to 90’s covers, rock, Latin and Jazz there’s something for everyone in Santa Teresa.

The most highly recommended bars include Iguana Bar, Bar Las Olas, Kik, Artemis, Café Liberal, Carpe Diem and Pasta Basta.