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Looking for a Little Happiness? Costa Rica Tourism Board Launches Million Dollar Travel Prize Giveaway


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In a bid to attract even more tourists from North America, the Costa Rican Tourism Board (I.C.T) has launched an innovative million dollar prize giveaway. The advertising campaign titled, “Costa Rica’s Million Dollar Gift of Happiness,” is aimed at getting more North American travelers to visit the paradise country.

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Exciting & Innovative Costa Rica tourism prizes

The Costa Rica tourism campaign will run from October 6th 2011 to February the 5th 2012 and will gift a total of $1 million week long Costa Rica vacation packages to lucky travelers in the U.S and Canada.  Those who are bag the highly coveted travel and tourism prize will be able to choose from a selection of Costa Rica vacation packages including Romantic, Adventure, Wildlife, Adrenaline and Culture.


Costa Rica an award winning vacation destination

The campaign was inspired by Costa Rica’s top positioning as one of the happiest places in the world by the New Economic Foundation’s Happy Planet Index. In August 2011 Forbes Online awarded Manuel Antonio National Park in the Central Pacific as one of the top 15 most beautiful national parks in the world.  The highly esteemed, Apple Vacations also awarded Costa Rica a Crystal Apple award for being the top destination for 2011.


Open to North American residents

The campaign is a first for the Costa Rica Tourism Board explained Allan Flores, the Costa Rica Tourism Minister. “Costa Rica has long

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embraced American and Canadian visitors with open arms,” Flores explained. “Sharing our country with others is one of the things that make Costa Ricans most happy, and this campaign will demonstrate that we really mean it when we say it.”


The Costa Rica Tourism Board hopes that this campaign will contribute to its goal of increasing visitor numbers by five percent annually. The campaign is based on promoting Costa Rica tourism as innovative and sustainable further justifying its positioning as one of the happiest places in the world.